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What is License Management as a Service (LMaaS)?

It’s your secure, central source of truth

Software install and usage data from your discovery tools, license entitlement from your procurement system and multiple spreadsheets as a way of reconciling the two! Imagine a single point of reference, which can not only be securely accessed from any web ready device, but also includes hundreds of detailed reports to enable informed decisions. That’s what you get with a License Management cloud based service – it’s the simplest way to access and manage your software license information.

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It’s your simple response to an audit request

Gartner now state that your organization has a 68% chance of receiving at least one audit request in the next 12 months – it really is now a case of when and not if. With License Management as a Service you have 24 hour access to your latest compliance status, which is backed up by over 100 online reports, meaning it only takes a matter of days to respond to a request rather than potentially weeks or months by managing it in-house.

It’s the fastest way to reduce your software spend

With Gartner claiming that most organizations overspend on software by as much as 30%, many are wasting millions on unnecessary software, poor re-harvesting processes and failure to leverage the right software agreement. With our service, there is little implementation and training time meaning we can all quickly get to work on understanding your compliance position and optimizing usage.


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About License Dashboard’s 20/20 License Management Service

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What is our 20/20 Service?

Both License Dashboard and our partners offer License Management as a Service. Ours is called 20/20 and you can learn more about our partners services here.

With 20/20, you get all of the benefits above as we take on the laborious ‘number crunching’ tasks to deliver clear, precise and valuable software insights – all of which frees up teams and enables them to focus on strategic thinking and proactive action.

Learn more about the deliverables of our 20/20 Service.

Why choose our 20/20 Service?

It’s what you do with your license intelligence that matters…don’t spend all your time generating data and reports, let us do that – go beyond and focus your time on implementing and maintaining the policies and processes which reduce costs and risks.

We’re an independent SAM specialist and have helped organizations large and small across the globe take control of their software estate – you’re in safe hands.

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