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Three levels to our 20/20 License Management Service


Receive a one-off Effective License Position (ELP) report and get complete visibility of your software estate, from what’s installed and being used to what license entitlement you have.



Get a regular management report and access to hundreds of online reports, including your ELP, enabling you to maximize the value of your software assets and reduce costs by re-harvesting un-used licenses, un-installing un-used software and applying the best fit of your entitlement.


Fully outsource your license management program and receive everything from our Optimize service, plus a dedicated account team, meaning you can make informed decisions, constantly improve processes and be freed up to add value across the business.

What our service enables you to do

Keep accurate and up to date entitlement records

From Microsoft Licensing Statements (MLS), to emailed procurement invoices, you get a one stop view of your license entitlement allowing you to make informed purchasing decisions on future license requests.

Have a clear view of your software usage

Inventory data can be taken from multiple discovery tools and it’s consolidated and normalized into meaningful install and usage data. This gives you the ability to clearly see what software is installed on each device and when it was lasted used, therefore duelling informed license optimization based decisions.


Know your compliance position at a touch of a button

How quickly could you find out your software compliance position? With License Management as a Service, you can access your latest Effective Licensing Report (ELP), anytime, anywhere!

Get a consolidated picture of your virtual environment

From data centres to virtual desktops, with or without dynamic resource allocation switched on – have full visibility and control of your virtual environment.



Manage contract and entitlement renewals

Never miss a renewal again! Using a time-line based calendar you can see a full maintenance schedule for your software contracts and entitlement agreements.

Make informed license purchases

Get clear and useful intelligence about your organization’s license availability by vendor and product, ensuring you never buy any un-necessary licenses again.


Re-harvest un-used licenses

Full metered data allows your organization to re-harvest any un-used software enabling other employees to use the license at no extra cost to your organization.

Identify and act on non-compliance issues

Get detailed analysis of your organization’s compliance issues by vendor, product or device. Helpful graphics and comprehensive reports help you prioritize and act quickly.



Access over 100 online reports

In addition to a detailed and regular managed service report, you’ll have access to detailed and informative reports – from a list of all your licenses to a breakdown of your compliance issues.

Be audit ready, anytime!

The main output of License Management as a Service is a regular Effective License Position (ELP) statement along with supporting online reports, meaning you can respond confidently and efficiently to any software audit request.


Request, approve and deploy software across the whole business

Implement polices and processes to proactively approve and deploy software, therefore ensuring that any existing entitlement is utilized before a purchase is made.

How does our service work?


1. Access to data

All of your discovery and license entitlement data can be periodically uploaded through our secure LMaaS agent, meaning you have one less thing to do!


2. Your compliance position

Once the data is available our team will take on the reconciliation and auditing processes to produce your Effective License Position.


3. Reporting back

After your baseline has been created you’ll be sent your management report which we’ll walk you through and highlight any actions or considerations – you’ll also have access to hundreds of detailed online reports, including your latest management report.

Managing Advanced Platforms?

No problem! Our 20/20 service can cover all the major software vendors including VMware, IBM, Oracle and SAP, giving you peace of mind and a complete view of your software estate.

Recognize, Optimize and Control your Oracle licenses

License Dashboard engage with customers to provide a baseline on their Oracle usage as compared to their license entitlement. All Servers installed and/or running with Oracle software are analysed. We also take into account any virtualisation being used for Server & Storage partitioning. This will provide the customer with a compliance position, where they can then look to remove any unwanted software or potentially then broker a best possible commercial deal with Oracle rather than a forced audit.

The customer will then have everything needed should they be approached by Oracle LMS so that no administration cost or unbudgeted expense is incurred on non-compliant Oracle software use. This process is then updated annually so that a customer stays in control of its Oracle license estate and gets best value from its annual Support Renewal with Oracle.

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