Software audit requests on the rise again!

by Alex Ashley-Roberts 5. September 2014 06:19
Leading research firm Gartner released its latest research paper this week which shows that 68% of organizations can now expect at least one software audit request in the next 12 months – a record high, up from 63% last year. Based on the fact that these are typically considered revenue-motivated, it’s likely that they’ll continue to rise.¹ ¹Survey Analysis: Software License Audit Surveys Show Shift in Focus and Intensity in 2014, Victoria Barber, Frances O'Brien &am... [More]

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Managing your Microsoft Licenses in Preparation for a Software Audit

by LibbyPhillipps 11. April 2014 11:05
As we have been explaining throughout the latest blog posts, software vendors have increased the amount of audits they preform and Microsoft is no different. We have noticed the most common reason for an audit is money (which we can’t blame vendors for, this is a business!), closely followed by compliance – software vendors aren’t going to want their software used illegally. In this week’s blog we look at the complications of licensing your Microsoft estate and give you some insightful advice f... [More]

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Dealing with the Three Main Challenges of Managing your IBM Estate

by LibbyPhillipps 10. April 2014 04:26
The latest industry research shows IBM to be the most prolific auditor of late – (with them conducting 55% of audits in 2012) and we’ve identified three main challenges when it comes to managing IBM estates: Challenge 1 – understanding acronyms & keeping up to date with license changes We have seen more and more organizations struggle to stay on top of the complexities of IBM licenses and one of the reasons we have found is the plethora of acronyms they use for their docu... [More]

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Are You Prepared for your SAP Annual Audit?

by LibbyPhillipps 7. March 2014 05:07
SAP have had the right to audit their customers for over 20 years but research shows a sudden rise in the amounts of requests they are seeing, from 7% of organizations receiving a request in 2009 to 19% in 2012. Like all software vendors, their main objective is to ensure their customers are compliant, but as they’re a commercial business like everyone else, they may also see a revenue opportunity (not uncommon for any vendor). Once you have received your 30 day notice (more likely to be d... [More]

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Adobe Audits on the Rise – Be Prepared

by LibbyPhillipps 28. February 2014 10:47
As we all know software audits can be challenging to deal with and with them on the rise there is now more chance of your organization receiving more than one request each year. There’s also a good chance that one of those requests will be from Adobe as it is currently in the top three vendors most likely to conduct an audit. Recently Adobe has audited a higher proportion of its customers than other vendors with similar revenue, but why? Like all other vendors, Adobe sees resolving noncompliance... [More]

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Taking your SAM Programme to the Next Level

by LibbyPhillipps 21. February 2014 10:17
Although Software Asset Management programmes are becoming more common place, it’s important that they evolve to stay ahead of the modern day challenges. Regardless of whether an organization uses a specific SAM tool, outsources it to a third party or simply uses an inventory tool backed by a manual process, it should be embedded at the heart of the company’s IT strategy and continuously evaluated. Why? Because SAM is about continuous improvement, it’s about maximizing your budgets and enablin... [More]

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Why did I buy a SAM solution? Reason: To negotiate with software vendors

by LibbyPhillipps 14. February 2014 10:55
In our last blog post (for this series) we looked at the main reason people invest in SAM – to help them through a software audit. While this is the main reason in reality, we would argue that there are many other more pressing reasons. Why wait for the knock on the door before fixing the problem? As we explained in the previous blog post, the transparency that SAM provides over your software usage and software licensing position delivers benefits far beyond simply satisfying a vendor during ... [More]

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Exhibitions of 2014

by LibbyPhillipps 6. February 2014 04:49
Each year License Dashboard attends some of the most important Software Asset Management conferences in the world. Exhibiting at these events helps us understand and shape the latest industry trends, gives us the opportunity to meet new people and exposes us to the ever evolving technology world. Events are an ideal opportunity to speak to many people from a variety of industries and backgrounds, whether you’re looking to communicate with specialists or share stories with your peers, you can do ... [More]

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Gartner Predictions 2014

by LibbyPhillipps 27. January 2014 12:01
Back in 2011, Gartner predicted that the public cloud services subscription period, particularly Software as a Service (SaaS), would shrink from five years to three. Although this prediction has an end date of 2015 we are all seeing that nearly three years in, Gartner were in fact right. With this in mind we thought it would be appropriate to share awareness of their future predictions that, like (SaaS), will affect IT asset life cycles and their management, giving you a heads up of what will be... [More]

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Why did I buy a SAM solution? Reason: For a software audit

by Alex Ashley-Roberts 12. December 2013 10:21
Ask someone why they invested in SAM, and 90% of them will tell you it’s because they were facing an audit. An audit is generally the impetus for an organisation’s first SAM purchase (or more accurately, their software inventory purchase. SAM tends to come later). On the face of it it seems like a sensible reason, but should it really be the most common reason? Why so reactive? Picture the scenario; you’re the IT manager of a medium-sized company with responsibility for 500 us... [More]

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