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About License Dashboard

Our mission is to enable Software Asset Management (SAM), IT, Finance and Procurement teams to make informed decisions and take proactive action.
We do this by taking on the time-consuming and laborious license management tasks which produce the business critical license intelligence required to move forward.

Along with our partners, we offer the most valuable and powerful license management platform on the market, enable your teams and reduce the costs associated with SAM.

What we do

License Dashboard and its authorized partners use a blend of home-grown Software Asset Management technologies and licensing expertise to power the world’s most credible and valuable license management platform.

Organizations can choose two ways to manage their software assets – as a Managed Service or an On-premise solution. Our Managed Service has a number of options, from point-in-time Effective Licensing Position (ELP) programs, through to on-going license compliance and Software Asset Management initiatives. Our On-premise solution helps ease the transactional tasks through automation and built-in license intelligence. Both options include our brand new License Dashboard Portal – a reporting tool that gives all stakeholders access to the information that is relevant to them. All of which can lead to savings of up to 30% in your overall IT expenditure.

Build your personal platform here and choose which offerings align with your companies needs.

The License Dashboard Story

License Dashboard was established by, and is still run by passionate IT and SAM professionals. To begin, License Dashboard developed an intelligent License Management system which was designed to be run in-house by an organization’s team of experts. Over time we built up a strong network of the world’s most established SAM professionals and continue to work with them today.

As the needs of our customers have evolved, so has our platform. Today, no matter which option you decide to use, License Dashboard Platform and our team of experts will enable you to take full control of your complex environments and drive your organization forward.