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Surviving an Oracle Software License Audit

Surviving. For most organizations that’s what it can feel like at the end of an Oracle software license audit. It can feel like your castle has been invaded and ransacked. A small band of soldiers, backed by the might of the Oracle army, told you to lower your defences and you did. They marched right on […]

SAM Predictions 2017

2016 has brought us even more awareness of SAM and ITAM being implemented in and across organizations. With more investment from C-level employees, ITAM processes are starting to strive but this momentum needs to continue to ensure you’re saving money and making the most of your IT assets. What will happen in 2017? Hear what […]

Reflecting on Software Asset Management in 2016

License Dashboard would like to wish everyone a very happy holidays, and take this time to reflect on what’s changed for us. License Manager 10 After releasing our largest development yet, License Manager 10, we haven’t rested on our laurels. True end user management is coming to the fore with more of our customers recognizing the […]

Providing Business-Relevant Software Asset Management Metrics is a Must

Featuring research from Gartner Analysts, License Dashboard’s latest newsletter reveals how selecting business-relevant  SAM metrics demonstrates its business value. Access the newsletter, plus complimentary research here.   Software Asset Management (SAM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) – discussions once confined to the IT department – are beginning to make an appearance in the boardroom. The […]

Discovering your IT Environment: What is the solution?

Discovering what is installed across your network is a key aspect to ensuring your organization is compliant, but picking a discovery tool that suits your organization’s needs can be extremely confusing. The number of tools that are already available (and the rate this market continues to expand) leaves many a SAM Manager wondering where to […]

Software Vendor Audits – Is there such a thing as a winning team?

Over the last few months we’ve seen great team work with the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio. With the team spirit front of mind, I thought; could organizations create an ‘Olympic’ ITAM team? If you’re involved in the SAM process, no matter your role, it’s a sure thing that during your tenure you’ll be […]

License Dashboard’s guide to Office 365 for Business licenses

As a cloud-based solution, Office 365 for Business offers freedom and flexibility to organisations, but with that flexibility comes complications. The Office 365 admin centre is the out-of-the-box solution designed to aid the IT department’s administration in handling tasks like adding users, editing licenses, and setting services. When it comes to larger or more repetitive […]

True belief and knowledge

When it comes to successfully answering a vendor audit, it’s what you know that is important. You may believe you have a grasp of the licenses your organization purchased, and those beliefs may even turn out to be correct, but in an audit you will need to prove that you know what your organization’s software […]

Understand your software license data to ensure you are reporting correctly

A software license comes in a multitude of forms and from a multitude of suppliers. Proving your entitlement to use this software and understanding the license granted is key to drawing a license compliance position. From Original Equipment Manufacturer licenses (OEM) granted with a hardware purchase, through to Full Packaged Product (FPP) and Site licenses. […]

License Dashboard’s social media takeover: Sam Says

Throughout the month of May, License Dashboard’s friendly mascot, Sam, has taken control of the LD social media channels to post interesting facts about our products and company that our customers, partners and followers may not have come across. In case you missed some of them, here they are in one, easy to read blog […]