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Getting beyond compliance and into effective SAM – Part 4 of 4

Here, in the last instalment of our “Getting beyond compliance and into effective SAM” series, we hone in on how SAM Managers and their teams should be using their time and resources to save money within their organization. We’ve already covered how implementation of an in-house SAM program can be slow and costly , how […]

Getting beyond compliance and into effective SAM – Part 3 of 4

Our “Getting beyond compliance and into effective SAM” series focusses on the challenges involved in Software Asset Management (SAM) and License Management. Building a team, choosing supporting technologies and generally maintaining an organization’s license entitlement are some of the more time consuming tasks SAM Managers are faced with day-in, day-out, however these pale into insignificance […]

Has your organization received notice of your annual SAP audit?

Read on to help prepare you and your organisation for your upcoming software license audit. If you’re already well prepared, you should allow two weeks to collate the relevant data SAP requires, if you’re not so prepared, you’re going to need that 30 day period to get everything in check. We’ve previously covered the complexity […]

Getting beyond compliance and into effective SAM – Part 2 of 4

In our opening article, we began looking at what stops organizations getting to the most effective part of Software Asset Management (SAM). We outlined the following three high level challenges that prevent most companies getting past compliance and into the valuable part of SAM i.e. saving an organization money: Slow implementation of technology, teams and […]

The Complexity of Software Licensing Rules.

The ongoing balancing act within organizations, between the number of software licenses that have been purchased, and the number of software licenses actually utilized, rolls on. Software vendors, as they continue to expand, change to include new products or licensing metrics resulting in a market awash with differing licensing models, metrics and rules, making effective […]

Getting beyond compliance and into effective SAM – Part 1 of 4

There are many challenges in Software Asset and License Management today – from choosing the relevant supporting technology, to building and managing the right team; not to mention the more granular obstacles like piecing together an organization’s license entitlement. But in our experience, the majority of organizations running an in-house SAM program can typically boil […]

Software Asset Management 2015 Events Schedule


Following the success of our SAM events blog last year we thought we’d do the same in 2015 – so below are the main SAM events of the year. Each event has its own unique benefits and style, but overall they are a great way to meet peers, learn about other’s SAM experiences and meet industry […]

Managing your Microsoft Licenses in Preparation for a Software Audit

As we have been explaining throughout the latest blog posts, software vendors have increased the amount of audits they preform and Microsoft is no different. We have noticed the most common reason for an audit is money (which we can’t blame vendors for, this is a business!), closely followed by compliance – software vendors aren’t […]

Dealing with the Three Main Challenges of Managing your IBM Estate

The latest industry research shows IBM to be the most prolific auditor of late – (with them conducting 55% of audits in 2012) and we’ve identified three main challenges when it comes to managing IBM estates: Challenge 1 – understanding acronyms & keeping up to date with license changes We have seen more and more […]

Are You Prepared for your SAP Annual Audit?

SAP have had the right to audit their customers for over 20 years but research shows a sudden rise in the amounts of requests they are seeing, from 7% of organizations receiving a request in 2009 to 19% in 2012. Like all software vendors, their main objective is to ensure their customers are compliant, but […]