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Complete SAM Outsourcing

Software Asset Management (SAM) Managed Service

Let License Dashboard & its partners take the strain of managing software licenses

When it comes to licensing, no one knows more than License Dashboard and its partners. Together, we’ve helped over 800 organizations manage their software licenses, minimizing compliance risks and optimizing availability and usage. Now License Dashboard and selected accredited partners are able to offer fully-managed SAM services, removing the burden of license management and providing you with peace of mind that software is accurately licensed.

Full Service Options

License Dashboard and its Authorized Service Partners provide a range of managed service options, from quarterly license reviews through to dynamic software licensing portals and full outsourced Software Asset Management programs. Here are just some of the Managed Service options available to customers:

Periodic License Review

As a basic license management service, License Dashboard and its partners offer periodic license reviews (usually monthly, quarterly or half-yearly) to help organizations ensure they both stay compliant with licensing conditions and make the most of all available software licenses. All processing, cleansing and reporting is managed off-site by the outsourced team, providing the customer with a simple but accurate Effective Licensing Position (ELP). Reporting is normally presented through the License Manager web interface.

Integrated License Management & Procurement

Selected License Dashboard partners are able to extend the managed service beyond license reporting to include the integrated procurement of required licenses. All newly-purchased licenses are automatically uploaded into the License Manager interface so that the customer organization has complete visibility of both the new licenses and Effective Licensing Position (ELP).

When you know you need to improve software management but don't have the time or the skills to make the best job of it, License Dashboard and its accredited partners can offer a variety of SAM outsourcing options, from project scoping and workflow definition through to a complete lifecycle management service.

Full Outsourced Software Asset Management (SAM)

For organizations with a strong need to manage not only licenses but also their software inventory, provisioning and procurement processes, License Dashboard works with selected partners to deliver a true fully-outsourced SAM program. These programs are typically bespoke to the customer and built on their exact business needs.

Whatever your individual requirements, License Dashboard and its partners have the skills and tools to remove the burden of managing software licenses, leaving you to concentrate on high priority IT initiatives.

What can you expect?

A comprehensive, periodic Management Report detailing the organization’s compliance status, optimization options and areas of risk to your organization. The report will be compiled by a licensing specialist and will breakdown the complexities of each update presenting the findings in a user friendly format. A web based reporting tool is also available giving the user uninterrupted access to all collected data presented graphically in an executive summary, as well as access to a detailed reports section.

Example Executive Summary (click to enlarge)

For more information on outsourced SAM services from License Dashboard and partners, contact us today.

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