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Software Asset & License Management as a Service

Build a natural extension to your SAM and IT teams - we take on the transactional License Management tasks, leaving you free to focus on strategic thinking


What is License Management as a Service (LMaaS)?

It’s your secure, central source of truth

Software install and usage data from your discovery tools, license entitlement from your procurement system and multiple spreadsheets as a way of reconciling the two!

Imagine a single point of reference, which can not only be securely accessed from any web ready device, but also includes hundreds of detailed reports to enable informed decisions. That’s what you get with a License Management cloud based service – it’s the simplest way to access and manage your software license information.

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It’s your simple response to an audit request

Gartner now state that your organization has a 68% of receiving at least one audit request in the next 12 months - it really is now a case of when and not if.

With License Management as a Service you have 24 hour access to your latest compliance status, which is backed up by over 100 online reports, meaning it only takes a matter of days to respond to a request rather than potentially weeks or months by managing it in-house.

It’s the fastest way to reduce your software spend

With Gartner claiming that most organizations overspend on software by as much as 30%, many are wasting millions on un-necessary software, poor re-harvesting processes and failure to leverage the right software agreement.

With our service, there is little implementation and training time meaning we can all quickly get to work on understanding your compliance position and optimizing usage.

License Entitlement Breakdown

Why choose a License Management service?


Save time and money

Fast implementation means no disruption to normal business activities and because our service is delivered through the cloud there's no need for the re-engineering of any existing internal IT infrastructure - all of which leads to reduced costs.

Improved cost efficiency

In addition to the implementation and on-going management savings, our simple payment terms are predictable and there are no large up-front costs assisting with long-term budgeting.

Reduced time to benefit

Due to our simple and quick implementation process, we start producing results quickly! Within a matter of days we can begin to understand your software estate and start to produce your Effective License Position (ELP), which can then be used to reduce costs through optimization exercises.

Be audit ready, faster

Because we can deliver results quickly, our team has years of licensing knowledge and we have extensive experience in helping organizations process software audits, you’ll have peace of mind and confidence that your organization can respond to a software audit request in a matter of days rather than months!

Free up and enable teams

It's easy for your IT and SAM teams to get bogged down in transactional License Management tasks - in fact, we found that 73% of SAM manager's spend the majority of their week on ‘number crunching’ activities! Choosing LMaaS therefore not only powers your wider SAM program, but it also enables your teams to focus on strategic thinking.

Get more efficient support

With business stakeholders accessing reports securely through the cloud and because the system is maintained in a controlled environment, there are no upgrade requirments and the diagnosis and resolution of issues is more efficient.

Software Audit

What can you expect?

Five Star Service

A five star service

Our partner’s world-class solution is built around quality of service and value of information. One of the main reasons for choosing to outsource your License Management function is to reduce the time commitments, pressure and stress of running an in-house program – we therefore make it a priority to deliver a smooth and effective service.


A partnership

You’ll be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will be with you every step of the way; answering questions, taking you through your management report and offering general support and advice to ensure you get the maximum value possible from our service. To support you with any technical issues, we also have an experienced support team contactable by email or phone.

Valuable Info

Valuable information

Each month you’ll receive a detailed management report with information about your current compliance position and risks which may need your attention. To support this you’ll also have on-demand access to over 80 cloud based reports detailing everything from your license entitlement to your software usage.


A proactive solution

To put your organization on the front foot, with a fully managed service, you’ll also get access to the cloud based AppStore which can be rolled out to your internal teams allowing them to request software to be installed on their devices. All requests then follow a multi-tiered business approval process which includes license checks through our dedicated team before any purchases are made or the software is deployed.

For more information on how we can enable your IT and SAM teams to focus on delivering strategic value, contact us today.

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