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License Cleansing

License Cleanse

The License Cleanse service from License Dashboard is designed to accelerate your Software Asset Management (SAM) project or kick-start stalled licensing initiatives by addressing one of the most common pains associated with license management – the lack of good quality licensing evidence!

Historically, populating license management solutions with sufficiently detailed and credible licensing information has been one of the most burdensome tasks associated with creating an Effective Licensing Position (ELP). But no more - License Cleanse from License Dashboard addresses this pain with a rapid and highly-effective method for establishing accurate and reliable proofs of license entitlement.

License Cleanse combines ground-breaking technology with the experience of skilled licensing auditors to take sub-optimal data sources, such as invoices, reseller records, procurement systems records or even purchase orders and turn these into accurate license entitlements that can be recorded and reconciled as part of creating the Effective Licensing Position.

How it Works

License Cleanse works by taking these disparate documents, analysing each line item, automatically reconciling the data against a known product from the License Manager software dictionary, which supports over 9,000 software vendors and 50,000 software titles.

During the process, License Cleanse identifies what applications and suites have actually been purchased and, via the use of comprehensive rules, determines the license constraints associated with each transaction, including license model and metric.

Where records cannot be recognized automatically, License Cleanse presents possible matches to trained auditors who can use their skills and experience to make the right decisions about the product and its associated usage rights.

The resulting ‘cleansed’ records are then ready to be bulk uploaded into the License Dashboard License Manager and SAM Portal solutions, and can then be quickly reconciled against software usage to create an accurate Effective Licensing Position.

Request an evaluation of License Cleanse today and see how it can speed up your Software Asset Management project.

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