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License Management

License Management

Analyst firms including Gartner and Forrester now estimate that organizations have a 65% chance of being audited by at least one software vendor in a 12-month period. Are you in a fit state to be audited?

But that's only one side of the issue. For most organizations, over-spending on software by around 20 per cent is the norm, effectively wasting a fifth of the available software budget.

License Dashboard's approach to license management is threefold:

  • Provide a centralized ‘single source of truth’ for all software entitlements owned by the organization
  • Reconcile this information against software inventory data to establish the organization's current Effective Licensing Position (ELP)
  • Make better decisions about future requirements using detailed management reports, driving out wastage and increasing availability.

It’s this philosophy that led us in 2004 to create the first comprehensive, automated and intelligent license management solution: License Manager. Today, License Manager is complemented in the License Dashboard portfolio by License Analyzer and Discovery.  Whatever your maturity or approach to software license management, License Dashboard has both the solution you need today and the portfolio to grow with you into the future.  

Capture/Import of License Data

Managing software licenses begins with collecting all the entitlements from across the organization and different software vendors into a single location. This import of licensing data is often one of the most laborious and error-prone stages of license management. To ease this task, License Dashboard’s License Manager solutions have built an automatic MLS (Microsoft Licensing Statement) import, as well as options for bulk import of other vendors' statements and an on-screen wizard for single license entry. When importing from an MLS, the License Dashboard solutions automatically calculate upgrades and downgrades and associate base and upgrade licenses, to minimize the manual effort required.

When an MLS or other reliable proof of license entitlement is not available, License Dashboard’s unique License Cleanse service can be the difference between your license management project stalling or racing ahead. License Cleanse takes documents not usually considered suitable for license evidence and turns them into credible proofs of entitlement.

Audit Data Import and Cleansing

To build an accurate Effective Licensing Position you need to know what's in use on your network – and that’s where you need License Manager. Using software audit data from either 30+ third-party inventory tools (see Audit Connectors) or License Dashboard’s own accurate audit technology, Discovery, License Manager not only imports software installation information but also automatically cleanses it and presents the results in a way that makes sense to licensing.

Few solutions can make this transformation as seamlessly as License Manager; what traditionally has taken licensing experts days to achieve is now done automatically in just a few seconds.

Intelligent Automatic Reconciliation

Historically, the reconciliation of licensing is the most expensive exercise of any SAM project, requiring highly-skilled licensing experts to manually decipher the organization's entitlements. License Manager removes much of this manual work by applying intelligent rules and recognition techniques automatically to arrive at the most advantageous licensing position for the organization.

Management Reports

To help demonstrate the results of the license management exercise, whether to internal auditors or third parties, License Manager include a suite of management reports that make it easy to prepare and present licensing reports either on specific vendors/applications or across multiple criteria.

Effective License Management is not only about the careful mix of people, processes and technology; it's also about arriving at the right answer as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. That's where License Dashboard solutions stand out - no other solutions are faster or require less manual input.

For a full Effective Licensing Position, see License Manager in action.

Organizations that have benefitted from License Dashboard technologies:

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