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Software Asset Management - ROC framwork

Software Asset Strategy

Simplifying SAM with the ROC Framework – Recognize, Optimize and Control

At License Dashboard we’re passionate about Software Asset Management. Why? Because, if executed well, SAM empowers both small businesses and large enterprises. It not only enables organizations to maximize the potential of their IT budgets, but also establish the software platform required to operate at its strongest - day in, day out.

How do we help organizations achieve that? By combining industry leading SAM technologies with a range of professional services. We do this to make it easy to both maximize the value of their software and minimize the risks associated with over-spend and non-compliance. That’s why there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution from us. Instead, License Dashboard can tailor the precise mix of technologies and professional services to meet your needs.

So it’s with simplicity and flexibility in mind that we’ve created our ROC framework. It has three clear stages; Recognize, Optimize and Control which help organizations understand where they are in their SAM journey, what they need to focus on to progress and which blend of technologies and services will support their growth.

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Step one: Recognize

The first step in SAM is to understand what software an organization has installed, how often it’s used and what licenses they own. This stage delivers an organization their Effective License Position (ELP) i.e. a software compliance and financial liability status.

At this stage, the technologies at play are License Dashboard Discovery and License Dashboard License Manager, which together reconcile install and usage data against license evidence to create an ELP in minutes.

It’s worth noting that License Manager also connects with over 40 other inventory tools to cover a variety of standard, virtual and advanced platforms.

Should an organization be after an initial snap-shop of their compliance position before considering any ongoing investment, it’s also possible to have an ELP delivered through a one-off service from License Dashboard or one of our partners - we’ve created thousands of ELPs, so everyone’s in safe hands.

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Step two: Optimize

This is the stage where the savings begin. Optimization is about making sure an organization is on the most cost effective software agreements, that they’re making the best use of the software licenses they own and that they only have software installed that is a) required b) used and c) properly licensed.

License Dashboard License Manager has in-built intelligence to help apply the best-fit of an organization’s entitlement. It also arms them with insights into where they can save money by re-harvesting licenses and renegotiating software agreements. Should they be looking for more advanced optimization services or indeed to outsource this requirement, License Dashboard and its partners  also offer a range of value add services which help reduce software spend and compliance risks.

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Step three: Control

As a business grows, so will its software requirements, so once the estate has been optimized, it makes business sense to invest in processes and solutions which ensure that balanced position is retained. Rather than solely relying on a Discovery tool to retrospectively identify new licensing requirements, it’s important to strive for a proactive SAM program which ensures that the only software purchased and installed is the software which is business critical.

SAM Director offers this proactive approach, allowing employees to request software from a pre-approved AppStore before the request then follows a multi-tiered business approval process, and if necessary, a license gets purchased and the software gets deployed.

This functionality is available on premise or as a fully managed service.

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Next Steps

Whatever an organization’s size, SAM maturity or business priorities, License Dashboard and its qualified partners can help identify and deliver the right solution to meet their needs – driving both short-term and long-term cost savings and risk reductions.

So whether it’s on-premise technologies, hosted SAM services, SAM consultancy, or a combination of all that suit, License Dashboard have the answer -  visit our ‘Help me choose’ page for more help finding the right SAM solution.

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