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Software License Management Solutions

From license compliance through to end-to-end Software Asset Management

With software purchases and support now accounting for more than a third of the average annual IT budget, managing the spend wisely has become a top priority for both finance and IT professionals. License Dashboard has developed a range of solutions designed to help organizations monitor, manage and optimize the licensing and procurement of software across the corporate network.

From a tactical license compliance exercise through to a strategic focus on Software Asset Management (SAM), License Dashboard has the technologies to help organizations achieve their short and long term goals.

  • Software Asset Management (SAM)

    Software Asset Management (SAM)

    The basis of effective SAM is to ensure that software is available to users in the organization with a legitimate need, while at the same time both preventing unnecessary spend and safeguarding the organization against falling foul of software licensing conditions.

    License Dashboard's powerful combination of SAM Director and License Manager technologies enables organizations to build and manage an effective workflow for the full lifecycle of Software Asset Management. Now, a single browser-based solution allows users to request the software they need, line managers to approve requests, IT managers to check license availability and procurement staff to initiate any approved purchases. One integrated solution for all the different stakeholders involved in managing software on the network.

    Learn more about Software Asset Management.

  • Software License Management

    Software License Management

    With analysts now stating that organizations have a greater than 50 per cent chance of being audited by at least one software vendor each year, the business case for avoiding being caught out of compliance with software licensing laws is clear. But that's only half the story – the average organization also over-spends on software by as much as 20 per cent – wasting precious IT budgets.

    The License Dashboard License Manager and Discovery solutions enable organizations to achieve and maintain license compliance while also driving out unnecessary costs by avoiding over-purchasing, facilitating better contract negotiations and giving IT staff the management information required to make more informed purchasing decisions.

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  • Software Inventory

    Software Inventory

    A critical requirement of both Software Asset Management and License Management is having an accurate audit of exactly what software is installed on each PC and server across the corporate network. Only when you understand what software is being used can your organization create an effective licensing position (ELP).

    Discovery is License Dashboard's audit and inventory technology, designed to find and report on all software deployed across the Windows network. Discovery fully integrates with License Manager to provide a reliable audit source which can then be reconciled against the license entitlements captured in License Manager. In addition to software inventories, Discovery performs a full hardware audit of all Windows PCs and Servers on the network.

    Learn more about Software Inventory.

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