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Adobe Audits on the Rise – Be Prepared

As we all know software audits can be challenging to deal with and with them on the rise there is now more chance of your organization receiving more than one request each year. There’s also a good chance that one of those requests will be from Adobe as it is currently in the top three […]

Lies, damned lies and statistics…

Those of you with a penchant for English political history will know that it was (supposedly) British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli who described three kinds of lie in the 1800s: “Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics.” In some ways, it seems as if not much has changed in the intervening 200 years. We are still won […]

Counting down (and counting the cost!) to the Microsoft UK price rise

We’ve known it has been coming for a while, but now that the Microsoft UK price rise (to bring UK pounds pricing in line with the Euro) is now just six weeks away it seems that little bit more real. And perhaps a little bit more scary. For some organizations in the UK (academic pricing […]

SAM is Dead, long live License Management

In 2006, I worked with a group of software industry specialists to help define an international standard for Software Asset Management (ISO/IEC 19770-1:2006). Based on ITIL best practice, this standard was developed to enable organizations to prove that they were performing Software Asset Management (SAM) to a standard sufficient to satisfy corporate governance requirements and […]

How much of a challenge really is the Entitlement side of the software license compliance equation?

Software license compliance is very much a two sided equation of usage versus entitlement.  The understanding of these two sides has similar levels of complexity and challenges in calculating. Often organizations can be distracted by the perceived capabilities of a license management tool and dramatically underestimate both the level of effort and licensing know-how that […]

UK organizations need to act now to avoid the risks associated with Microsoft’s price increase announcement

Microsoft recently announced that it will be increasing its UK software prices in June 2012. This increase will have a major negative impact on an organization’s IT budget, leading to many having to unexpectedly increase their software expenditure within an already tough financial year. With careful management of your license entitlements and effective control of […]

“At last, a service that really does make a significant difference!”

Over the last 10 years, I have project managed some of the largest Software Asset Management (SAM) projects in the UK. During this time, I have found the biggest challenge to most organizations is locating their historical license records.  Attempting to gather physical license evidence and find individuals who have worked within the purchasing department […]

Software audits continue to rise, says Gartner

Leading IT research firm, Gartner, has released figures showing a continued increase in the number of end user license audits conducted by leading software vendors, up from 61 percent a year ago to 65 percent today.  Put another way, this suggests you only have a 35 percent chance of going a whole 12 months without […]

Software piracy whistle blowers reap rich rewards

The US-based Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), which represents vendors in the software and digital content industries, has issued a press release stating that it paid out more ‘rewards’ to those reporting software and content piracy in the last quarter of 2011 than in the previous two years. While the US $35,500 paid out […]

2012 will see more software audits – are you ready?

American law firm, Scott & Scott LLP, is predicting a significant increase in software audits in 2012.  The firm, which defends organizations under scrutiny, believes 2012 will see more audits from both software vendors and trade groups such as the Business Software Alliance (BSA) and the Software Information & Industry Association (SIIA). Scott & Scott […]