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Managing your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement - not as easy as you might think

Microsoft Enterprise Agreements (EAs) are often viewed as the easiest way to procure and consume software licenses. And in many ways, they are. However, without careful management and good data, organizations can just as easily end up over-spending or leaving their organization open to compliance risks. To be truly cost-effective, Enterprise Agreements require close and careful management.

Download our white paper to understand your EA rights, learn how to effectively prepare for annual True-Ups, optimize your entitlements under the EA and avoid confusing EA entitlements with legacy licenses



Software Asset Management - much more than inventory

Your discovery solution could be considered the foundation to your IT management practices, not just Software Asset Management (SAM). But if building an inventory of the installed software is the first step towards SAM, then the second has to be understanding how the installed software affects your current software licensing position (often referred to as an Effective Licensing Position – or ELP).

The fact is that inventory alone can’t deliver a strong ROI to the organization, as there is little or no ‘value’ in the raw data. It is only when you apply a level of ‘intelligence’ to this inventory data that organizations can start to benefit from reduced risks and cost savings....



Why Software Vendors Audit Customers

According to industry analysts such as Gartner and Forrester, your organization is more likely than not to receive a licenses audit request from at least one software vendor this year. Depending on which figures you choose to believe, the likelihood seems to be somewhere between 55 and 65 per cent. Worse still, with more and more vendors increasing the scope and frequency of their software audits, you might even be lucky to get only one request in the next 12 months…

Download our white paper to access our insights into why software vendors audit their customers and what to do when you receive an audit request.



Why You Need License Management

With analysts reporting that software purchases now typically account for around 35 per cent (and growing) of an organization's annual IT spend, it is clear that both the management of these expensive assets is becoming increasingly important and that eliminating unnecessary spend should be a high-level priority.

Download this white paper to gain a more in-depth understanding of license management. Find out how to effectively and automatically control and report upon your entire software assets lifecycle from purchase to upgrade and beyond.

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