Software Asset

Save money, reduce risk and remain compliant with License Dashboard’s Software Asset Management technology and services.

Proactive SAM Technology to Mitigate Risk

License Dashboard Portal

Share critical data across your organization easily.

License Manager 11

Reconcile all aspects of your SAM environment to ensure compliance.

License Manager API

Connect to any ITSM tool to feed your important data across internal systems.

Data Navigator

Retrieve normalized inventory information at scheduled times.

License Dashboard has been helping organizations take control of their software assets for over ten years. Our SAM technology and services evolve with our customers, ensuring they have never been more prepared for a software audit.

We’ve completed over 1,500 software asset management projects, saving our customers up to 30% of their overall IT spend within the first year of implementing our SAM solutions. Market leading software license specialists keep our customers ahead of licensing changes and remain compliant, using our agnostic tool approach.

Rather than waiting for an audit request, our SAM technology and products highlight potential risks, confirm all devices and products are being efficiently consumed, and improve ROI on purchase decisions.

Why SAM?

25% of IT spending is already out of CIOs control. Take control today

Organizations overspend on licensing by up to 30%, wasting almost a third of IT budget

There is a 68% chance of receiving at least one audit request within 12 months

60% of SAM Mangers spend most of their time on tasks that can be automated with SAM