A data normalization platform
that underpins your SAM team

With software purchases and support now accounting for more than a third of the average annual IT budget, managing this spend wisely has become a top priority for both finance and IT professionals.

Here at License Dashboard, we have been enabling organizations to take control of their software assets for over ten years and with the continued advancements in our technology and services, our customers have never been more prepared for a software audit. While our managed service platform is our preferred option, based on customer feedback, including delivery through our partners, we also understand that organizations may need to manage their software internally or prefer an on-premise solution.

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Regardless of your existing inventory solution, we can take information from virtually any source to collect the relevant inventory data and understand that many customers have multiple sources. For example, we can take feeds from virtualization management solutions, desktop/server inventory solutions and feeds from ILMT deployments.

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License Dashboard can also help customers to leverage the data we hold within our technology into their other systems, the most common of this is ServiceNow. ServiceNow accepts data from many sources and customers can pull the normalized data from our services or technologies into ServiceNow, utilizing our standard catalog for naming. Organizations can see all the devices deployed across their network, the device details, what software is installed and the available licenses within our toolset, but then take it one step further and leverage the information within ServiceNow to create a service desk or software catalog.

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