Software Asset Management

Reduce spend on SaaS, Cloud, Data Center and Desktop Software with License Dashboard’s Software Asset Management Solutions



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SAM Agile
Managed Service

The only flexible Software Asset Management managed service to meet the changeable requirements of your enterprise organization



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Transform SAM Data
Into Valuable Business Intelligence

A fully customizable and intuitive BI Portal to share SAM insights across your organization



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What we do


Average reduction in annual spend per customer


Average cost saving per customer


Average cost avoidance per customer

4 weeks

Average time it takes to realize value

Cost Management

Plan, control and significantly reduce costs associated with software assets to maximize IT budgets.

Cost Optimization

Continuously drive cost and spend reduction while maximizing your business value.

Risk Mitigation

Take action to reduce financial exposure of potential risks and reduce the likelihood that those risks will happen

Speed to Value

The speed of increasing business value through the balancing of cost, risk and speed of digital transformation

SAM Insights

A range of on-demand projects that provide deep financial and compliance insights that mitigate risk, identify cost optimization whilst accelerating the adoption of your organization’s Digital Transformation strategy, either on-premise or in the Cloud.

SAM Advisory

Our software license experts will provide in-depth business analytics to enable you to manage, control and protect your complex Oracle, IBM and SAP environments, ensuring your organization is in a state of audit readiness whilst maximizing your existing and future investments

SAM Essentials

A unique hybrid service that enables your organization to rapidly implement a SAM tool, whilst gaining access to all the support you need to accelerate your speed to value, including personal development plans, mentoring, health checks and compliance validation.

SAM Agile

A dynamic SAM Managed Service built on Agile and Lean Methodology, delivering greater value and return on investment with a flexible schedule that proactively enables you to meet business-wide stakeholder demand, whilst guaranteeing cost efficiencies, risk mitigation and productivity.

License Dashboard

See immediate cost savings of up to 30% on your software spend

Using License Dashboard’s software asset management platform or services, you can expect to see immediate software cost savings on software licenses in the first year of up to 30%, with further savings year on year to follow. This is achieved by accurately discovering and reporting the entire software estate on your network, highlighting duplicate applications, unused programs and shadow IT, as well as re-harvesting existing licenses rather than making unnecessary purchases.

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  • Connect to any existing inventory tool – SCCM, LanDesk, Lansweeper, vCenter etc
  • Save time and money by making the most of your existing investments
  • Experience an ROI in weeks, not months

Discovery Tool Agnostic

License Dashboard’s flagship software asset management tool – License Manager – connects to your existing discovery and inventory solutions, meaning it is not always necessary to install a new discovery agent across your network. This saves your organisation time during the installation process and money as there may be no need to purchase an expensive new discovery tool.

Make the most of your existing technology investments by incorporating them into your SAM solution.

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  • Eliminate work in external spreadsheets
  • Directly import a Microsoft Licensing Statement in seconds
  • Full data center and hypervisor reconciliation

Full License Management Automation

License Manager features built in license intelligence to automate reconciliation. Users can allocate their license entitlement effectively and track their entire compliance history to report ROI.

License Manager reports a full audit trail of all changes made to the ITAM estate as well as recording and tracking all license types; concurrency, processor, Client Access License (CAL), named users etc.

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  • No need for SAM Managers to create time-consuming reports
  • Drive insights into your ITAM data platform with intuitive BI application
  • Clearly distinguish between business units and departments

Share ITAM Data

License Manager and License Dashboard Portal allow SAM Managers to easily share ITAM data with key stakeholders in an organisation. Eliminating the time spent producing manual reports in Excel, License Dashboard Portal provides an intuitive and customizable ITAM data platform, allowing users to drive real-time insights into their IT estate.

A web-based application accessible from any device, License Dashboard Portal is the SAM Manager’s best friend when it comes to reporting ITAM data.

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What Makes License Dashboard Unique?

You’re searching for the right Software Asset Management solution for your organization. You need a tool or service that will not only ensure you are protected from licensing non-compliance, but will also optimize your software spend. A SAM solution from License Dashboard will take care of all this, but what is it that really makes License Dashboard unique?

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SAM Essentials

SAM Techology + Managed Service + Support

Designed to suit the requirements of your organization, you have full access to manage your entire software estate with support from License Dashboard’s experts. Identify three, five, or ten key software vendors for quick onboarding and immediate management, then receive quarterly health checks from our SAM consultants so you know your organization continues to make the most from its SAM investment.

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SAM Agile

Software Asset Management for the Modern Enterprise

Based on agile sprint methodology, SAM Agile gives your enterprise organization a lean and flexible SAM Managed service better respond to the volatile demands of the industry. Reduce software procurement costs, optimize software utilization, and reduce risk with License Dashboard’s SAM Agile.

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The History of Software

And why you should have a SAM solution in place

Software continues to develop rapidly and has become an ever more integral part of business. Managing that software with advanced software asset management processes is now more important than ever – from both a cost saving and compliance viewpoint.

See how software has developed to the point that managing all of your licenses and entitlement manually is impracticable, time consuming and potentially risky.

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License Dashboard has been helping organizations take control of their software assets for over ten years. Our SAM technology and services evolve with our customers, ensuring they have never been more prepared for a software audit.

We’ve completed over 1,500 software asset management projects, saving our customers up to 30% of their overall IT spend within the first year of implementing our SAM solutions. Market leading software license specialists keep our customers ahead of licensing changes and remain compliant, using our agnostic tool approach.

Rather than waiting for an audit request, our SAM technology and products highlight potential risks, confirm all devices and products are being efficiently consumed, and improve ROI on purchase decisions.

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