Combining Lansweeper & License Manager

By enhancing your Lansweeper platform with License Dashboard’s Software License Management app you can be confident of reducing software license costs by up to 30%. You will receive a best in class Software Asset Management (SAM) tool to deliver a solution that meets your objectives throughout the software asset’s lifecycle.

Lansweeper customers can take advantage of an exclusive offer for License Manager, designed to make Software Asset Management available to any organization.

Your organization will benefit from:

  • Industry recognized leading software license management tool
  • License reconciliation to identify and mitigate immediate and sustained compliance risks
  • Licensing optimization for cost reduction and procurement efficiency
  • Identifying underutilized assets for removal and re-harvest
  • Delivery of quantifiable cost savings and cost avoidance
  • Improved SAM governance
  • Online product training and telephone support

License Dashboard have partnered with Lansweeper to provide a full end-to-end discovery and license management technology that covers all platforms. Lansweeper integrates directly into License Manager and can be scheduled to collect data on any frequency.


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License Manager

Gain full software insight in minutes, not months with License Manager from License Dashboard. Make the most of your Lansweeper platform by combining IT inventory data with your licensing entitlement records. License Manager automatically searches entitlement sources to check all items against the manufacturers’ software catalogues and ensures licensing terms, including upgrades and maintenance, are associated with the necessary base licenses.

This information is then reconciled against Lansweeper inventory data to establish an accurate software license position. What would take consultants and previous generation license management solutions weeks, if not months, License Manager can achieve in just a few minutes.