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Driving your SAM program using the metrics that matter

With complimentary research from Gartner

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In our last newsletter, we showed you how to drive your software asset management program using research from Gartner’s experts.

Previously pushed aside by all but the IT department, we're beginning to see Software Asset Management (SAM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) as conducive in strategic business decisions. Whether it's due to an increase in vendor software audits, or the new understanding of the possible cost reductions, really driving your SAM program's maturity comes down to gaining the interest of your organization's key stakeholders.

With the potential to shave up to 30% off your software spend in the first year of implementation, the case for implementing a SAM program is already strong, however communicating its ongoing business value rests with selecting the metrics that show its value across multiple domains. In this newsletter License Dashboard is pleased to reveal how Victoria Barber, Stewart Buchanan and Hank Marquis suggest you "Select Business-Relevant Software Asset Management Metrics to Demonstrate the Business Value of SAM" and how License Dashboard Portal makes it possible." - Johnny Ellis, Group Director of License Dashboard

For more information on providing your organization's key stakeholders with the valuable software asset management data they need to make informed business decisions, check out License Dashboard Portal.

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