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Measuring the most basic of ITAM metrics

Accurately tracking the total number of IT assets in an organization plays a fundamental role in the negotiation of IT contracts. The number of desktop computers used in a business, for instance, may guide the negotiation of a licensing agreement, and will be used as a benchmark in any planned business activities, performing a key […]

Managing Software Licensing In the Cloud

As everything seems to gravitate toward IT being delivered in the internet ‘universe’, Enterprises are more and more going to be posed with the difficulty of managing application licenses in the cloud. Succinctly, cloud delivery models that bring with them the most software licensing challenges are Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a […]

Taming the beast they call SAM

The Ideal Imagine it: An up-to-date Effective License Position (ELP) for every single one of the multitude of products in use within your organization, and the controls in place to deliver cost-avoidances and cost-savings. Sounds ideal but is it achievable? Unfortunately, it probably isn’t. Sure, if your relatively small organization only uses Microsoft Office alongside […]

Inventory Data Management – Discover what is Deployed Across your Organization

Inventory data management, aka discovery data management, is Software Asset Management’s foundation – only when you have discovered all your assets can you efficiently monitor and manage them. Producing inventory data can seem like a straightforward, one-tool process, but realistically, organizations need to employ multiple information with purchase records. That way, they can see exactly […]

Reading Terms and Conditions

It’s been all over industry news this week but in case you missed it, the court date has been set for the ongoing conflict between Oracle and Google. In 2012 the companies went to trial over Google’s use of Java in Android, with the jury finding that Google had infringed Oracle’s copyrights – although, they […]

When it comes to Software Asset Management are we living in a world of contradiction?

The beginning of the year brings with it a wave of new software mandates or best practice policies from IT research and advisory organizations such as Gartner and Forrester. It also brings factual industry spending forecasts based on market intelligence and trend analysis by financial and procurement analysts from corporations such as IDC. Reading the […]

SAM Predictions 2016

The upward trend of increasing software audits is in full swing, and as predicted , we are at an all-time-high with a 68% chance of receiving notice of a software audit in the next 12 months. The last year has seen the growth of SAM within organizations as departments outside of IT, such as Procurement […]

IBM Virtualization Capacity – Are you fully prepared?

As an IBM software customer it is likely that you have been audited in the past five years and, if not, it is only a matter of time before that letter drops through your door. Perhaps you feel prepared for it, maybe you are part of a SAM team in a large organization and you […]

Oracle Database Standard Edition 2

September 2015 saw the latest release of Oracle Database and with it, as speculated, Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 (SE2) was brought to the market, with Standard Edition (SE) and Standard Edition 1 (SE1) being withdrawn from sale on 1st December 2015. This announcement may not have reached all of Oracle’s customers yet, and even […]

How to Perform your Annual Microsoft Software License Audit

  The rate of software audits continues to rise. Hardly surprising when you understand that it’s a means of generating revenue for software vendors. In a straw poll we conducted at License Dashboard, we found that 67% of organisation had received a software audit within the last 12 months, and that 16% had received three […]