Adobe Concurrent Licensing in HE and FE Institutions

Adobe offer affordable purchasing options to Universities, Colleges and Research Councils allowing them to acquire products such as Creative Suite and Acrobat. These solutions, which help reduce the vast amount of paper that is used for administrative functions and make it easy to create forms and manage content, are now widely used and have become essential tools within these institutions.

Although the options are flexible and make it easy to acquire licences, many of those responsible for managing the compliance of these products, especially those purchasing concurrent licences, have informed me that it has become an arduous and an expensive task to manage and control their Adobe entitlement effectively.

Supplied by most vendors, concurrent licensing offers a great alternative to licensing each device and means that many organisations can save considerable amounts of money – managing this type of licence model, however, can become a nightmare. For example, in a computer lab environment, a faculty may wish to load a copy of software locally on every computer, which subsequently removes the ability to monitor the concurrent usage. If they wish to licence their usage concurrently then the organisation is left with no alternative but to deploy some additional technology that manages and controls the usage. This action can become very expensive and, in many cases, the monitoring software can cost up to £30 per device – which is financial madness when the software it is monitoring can cost only £65. In other cases, we are also finding some organisations are reverting back to purchasing individual licences or even acquiring a site licence, just to avoid the complexity of managing this issue.

Licence Dashboard has realised that we can offer a solution, not only that deals with this tactical issue, but also can assist in managing all of your licence obligations. As you may or may not have heard, Licence Dashboard has recently agreed to provide a cost effective solution to all HE, FE and Research Councils that fully manages the lifecycle of software through an Eduserv Agreement. We now believe we can provide an effect solution for managing Adobe concurrent licences. Full details of the Eduserv Agreement can be found at

Following the successful deployment of Licence Dashboard in many UK Universities and Colleges, we have now specified, and are in the process of finalising, the requirements for an effective Adobe concurrent metering tool. This tool should be ready for release in January 2010 and it is currently planned to be included as a standard feature within the Licence Dashboard Eduserv Agreement. Those who have already subscribed to our product will automatically have the user rights to deploy this metering tool, and those who are considering purchasing the solution will be given rights at no addition cost.

If anybody is interested in understanding more about this tool or Licence Dashboard, please don’t hesitate to comment or contact the Licence Dashboard Team on 0845 265 1217.

Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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