Autodesk Retiring Network License Plans

Autodesk has announced that on May 7th, 2021 all Multi-user and Network licenses will be retired. Autodesk will be offering transitions from Standalone and Network licenses as well as a Multiuser-subscription to the per user licensing model. All these transitions must be taken on the first renewal.

As expected, Autodesk will offer a one to one transition for Standalone licenses. For Network or Multi-user subscriptions, two user licenses will be available for each network licence, renewed at a discounted rate until 2028.

A full list of the transition options can be found on the Autodesk website. For any organizations currently running Multi-user licenses, this may come as a bit of a shock. In my experience most organizations can run 2.5 – 3 users per network licence, which will leave some customers requiring additional purchases. It may also impact anyone currently using the software on secure sites as a user subscription requires an internet connection every 30 days to validate the licence.

The largest problem however lies in the administration of the licenses: The Network licenses model is great for organizations as it pretty much requires zero administration and moving to a per user model means organizations will have to manually add and allocate licenses.

The bright side of Autodesk retiring Network license plans

These problems aside, it does solve one of Autodesk Network licensing’s oldest SAM issues, which is the lack of reporting. With the user subscription model Autodesk is introducing, reporting functionality will let administrators see the actual usage. If upgrading to one of the Premium or Enterprise plans, usage per user data is available, which can be connected to an API. This is great from a SAM Manager perspective because they are able to renew the exact required quantity of licenses in use.

Assess your current Autodesk position

If Autodesk retiring its Network license plans concerns you, now would be a good time to take stock of your current Autodesk position. Review the existing number of licenses you have and compare it to the total number of deployments, then rationalize this where possible and identify any issues before you are required to make the switch.

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Adam Green

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