Avoiding AWS Traps Through Right Sizing

“On-demand, available in seconds, with pay-as-you-go pricing” – the ease at which Amazon Web Services can be consumed makes it incredibly appealing, but it can become costly if it isn’t being managed effectively. Its flexibility and scalability are what makes it so appealing to organisations, but this seemingly unlimited power is a threat to business budgeting as scaling up can get out of hand.

Right Sizing is Step One

Simply comparing your current on-premises costs with the equivalent AWS cost isn’t enough. For one thing, it’s likely that organisations are over-provisioned in the first place, and so switching to cloud without right sizing first could be a colossal waste of budget.

Workload fluctuates. While certain resource might be necessary some of the time, this won’t always be the case, and it’s picking this usage apart that helps organizations truly benefit from their initial switch to AWS and the cloud. It’s the continual picking apart that helps organizations continue to benefit, and prevents costs from spiraling.

Right Sizing is an Ongoing Process

According to Amazon, it’s important to “right size periodically once you’re in the cloud to ensure ongoing cost-performance optimization”.

Due to that fluctuating workload, and the constant change that comes from day-to-day business, capacity requirements will always be changing. To avoid paying for resource that is simply not being used, organizations must regularly consolidate, evaluate their usage in order to optimize it.

An initial report to highlight inefficiencies in AWS spend is a good start, and should provide guidance on where improvements in AWS can be made to fall in line with business goals. This can be developed into an ongoing plan to always be improving spend:

  • Each department should be responsible for their own right-sizing schedule
  • App costs can be tagged for simple breakdowns around what is being spent and where
  • Monthly reviews will show progress and reveal where further savings can be made and alert businesses if spending spikes

AWS right sizing to protect budget and meet performance requirements

Operating in the cloud requires a level of fluidity and flexibility, as well as a dedicated resource for monitoring performance. The Technical Architects at License Dashboard work as an extension of your IT Team, and ensure your AWS cloud strategy is truly working for you and your business.

Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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