Counting down (and counting the cost!) to the Microsoft UK price rise

We’ve known it has been coming for a while, but now that the Microsoft UK price rise (to bring UK pounds pricing in line with the Euro) is now just six weeks away it seems that little bit more real. And perhaps a little bit more scary.

For some organizations in the UK (academic pricing is exempt), this could mean that after July 1st, they are going to pay as much as 33.5 per cent more for their Microsoft licenses. In simple terms, a mix of Microsoft licenses that today would cost an organization around £80,000 will cost more than £100,000 in just a matter of weeks.

How many organizations can afford to pay an extra £20,000 or more for the same licenses?
For many companies, that same £20,000 could be far better spent reviewing and understanding the organization’s current licensing situation (what we often refer to as an ‘Effective Licensing Position’ or ELP). By doing this now, before the price increase, organizations can not only ensure that they are optimizing the use of their current Microsoft licenses but that any new licenses that need to be acquired are purchased at the current ‘cheape’ prices. This alone could save an organization tens of thousands of pounds.

For Enterprise Agreement customers, there is a similar incentive to review software requirements before July 1st. Any products included in the EA prior to July 1st are price protected until the end of the agreement, while any new products added after July will attract the new pricing. Even if you don’t plan to deploy a particular application for six months or more, it may still be well worth adding it to your EA now to avoid the price rises.

But how realistic is it to expect to build an ELP between now and July 1st? In a word, very. But you need to act fast!

Licensing is complicated; there’s no getting away from it. But with over 800 engagements under our belts and perhaps the most advanced automated licensing technologies at our fingertips, License Dashboard and its partners are uniquely placed to deliver extremely fast turnaround licensing and SAM projects.

Some License Dashboard partners are able to turn this initial Effective Licensing Position project into an ongoing managed service, removing the need for the customer to worry about their licensing and providing a virtual team of licensing experts to ensure that not only is the organization compliant, it is also using its software licenses in the most effective way.

To learn more about how you can minimize the impact of the Microsoft UK price increases on your organization, contact License Dashboard or one of our accredited partners today.

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Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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