Generating Useful Software Asset Management Data from SCCM

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager is a tool of many talents. In addition to its main purpose of configuration management it can be a great tool for the SAM manager. SCCM has the ability to provide basic inventory data which can show deployments of software in the estate, provide metering data, and ensure desktops have an approved organizational “gold” image deployed.

SCCM when managing SAM does have its limitations and in time is usually replaced by the SAM manager for a specific Software Asset Management tool with its own inventory and metering capability. However, the deployment of a specialized SAM tool can take a myriad of internal resources to deploy and configure as most normally mandate their own agents for inventory and data collection.

A SAM tool for the existing deployment of SCCM

License Dashboard can expedite this process by delivering a Gartner recognized SAM tool that can utilize the existing deployment of SCCM. It converts the inventory and metering data within SCCM to cleansed and usefully presented data that an organization can use to identify organizational risks and cost avoidance opportunities. SCCM can be married with AD, vCenter and additional client-less inventory tools to consolidate inventory on par with any specific SAM tool without the lead time of a new tool deployment. License Dashboard can be up and running, generating meaningful data, in days rather than the usual months.

Normally one of the main stumbling blocks to any technology being deployed is internal approval from technology team’s CAB processes, and objections to “another” agent deployed on their network taking up additional bandwidth. By utilizing the existing configuration management tool, License Dashboard can provide a SAM solution without adding further operational obligations.

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