Getting beyond compliance and into effective SAM – Part 4 of 4

Here, in the last instalment of our “Getting beyond compliance and into effective SAM” series, we hone in on how SAM Managers and their teams should be using their time and resources to save money within their organization.

We’ve already covered how implementation of an in-house SAM program can be slow and costly , how transactional License Management tasks take up valuable resource and how dealing with increasing complexity and a high volume of work involved in software licensing prevents in-house SAM from being most effective. Imagine what an organization could do if they were equipped with every SAM report they need, and also had the necessary time to take action based on the content of those reports…

Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things

Peter F. Drucker, author of The Effective Executive, defines this as avoiding activities that are unproductive while setting the right priorities. The installation and usage of software, license procurement and compliance data are the imperative foundations for every SAM program, but the collection, consolidation and reconciliation of this data takes up so much time and resource. SAM and IT teams don’t get the chance to create nor implement optimization exercises – there’s no room for money-saving because the maintenance of the current process dominates.

License Management as a Service (LMaaS) extends your in-house SAM resources by effectively delegating transactional tasks to an outsourced experienced team. Regular license management reports mean IT teams can maximize the true value of software assets and reduce cost quickly by re-harvesting unused licenses, uninstalling unused software and, applying best fit for your software entitlement.

Building a business case for your Software Licence Management Service

The industry costs and expected returns from implementing License Management as a Service speak for themselves:

BusinessCaseForBlog - final

Software Asset Management: Doing the right things

With access to a wealth of intelligence in terms of Software and Licensing, SAM and IT teams can spend the majority of their time on tasks that could really make a difference to an organization:

  • Saving your organization money on their software spend
  • Negotiate new software contracts and agreements
  • Re-harvest unused licenses
  • Optimize current entitlement allocation
  • Completing projected license modeling exercises for internal projects and to meet organizational growth
  • Identifying, implementing and managing software processes and policies around:
    • Software requests
    • Procurement of licenses
    • Deployment of software
    • End of life and technology refreshes
  • Working towards achieving ISO, FAST and ITIL standards

SAM starts with full visibility of your organization’s software estate, but effective SAM comes from optimization of assets and strategic thinking. Find out which of License Dashboard’s Software Asset Management solutions is best for your organization, or contact our team to discuss your next move toward the sweet spot of SAM.

Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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