How our customers benefit from their existing ITAM tools

“Significantly reduce operational costs and unbudgeted expenditure by simply accessing the data held within your existing ITAM tools.” – Sean Robinson, Sales Director at License Dashboard

When we speak with our new customers, we find that one of the reasons they have come to License Dashboard in the first place is the unexpected costs associated with kick-starting their SAM efforts. They are failing to populate their systems with usable data from their pre-installed inventory solutions, and so are faced with the prospect of an expensive, labour-intensive manual process before they’ve even started.

Gathering data through an Inventory tool is an essential step in SAM, but trudging through the resulting raw data is often an extremely time consuming manual task. Filtering, categorizing, grouping, and normalizing the data, and applying explanations to give it some meaningful context so that it can be used is never-ending due to the constant change within an organization – but does that mean an organization can’t ever hope for a true view of the assets and software deployed? Does that mean it’s impossible to accurately associate deployments with the relevant license liability?

Many of our customers assume the alternative is a huge investment in an expensive tool that will take thousands away from the IT budget so that each of the specific systems can be integrated.

Not so.

A single source of reconciled IT Asset data

License Manager connects to the technical solutions and data repositories our customers already have in place, collecting the ITAM data already held within those tools, normalizing and rationalizing it to make it available for third party consumption.

Hardware and software information is automatically collated then identified using the extensive built in product dictionaries. Bringing all this information together creates a single, reliable source of reconciled IT Asset information.

The data our customers needed was ready and waiting, but to fully understand their deployed asset baseline as well as verify their data quality and range of coverage, it had to be reconciled. License Manager sorts the data so users can proactively manage any concerns by establishing trends across multiple inventory sources.

Careful calculation of software licensing metrics

License Manager was designed to be agnostic, and so our flagship software license management tool seamlessly works with multiple systems management software products. Users can rely on their existing Discovery tool and quickly import inventory and entitlement data with no need for work in external spreadsheets.

Automatic reconciling of what has been installed, what is in use, and what licenses have been purchased, our customers’ complicated license metrics are correctly calculated, and their day-to-day SAM tasks are completed in no time.

Plug in License Dashboard’s powerful SAM tools today and reap the rewards tomorrow

We help organizations optimize their IT investments to prevent costly compliance failures, and integration with existing IT infrastructure speeds up implementation into a matter of weeks. Designed to complement your existing ITAM solutions, our cost-effective SAM tools deliver rapid ROI, and rapid satisfaction.

Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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