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Whilst exercise plans and gym memberships are at the forefront of people’s minds, now can also be the time to give your IT data a workout and ensure your organization is fit and healthy for the New Year. Much like your own health regimes, keeping your IT network fit requires exercise and a degree of commitment or discipline. The good news is that most organizations have everything they need to kick start their resolution, and through the SAM Insights range of projects and services, License Dashboard is the PT providing the support and structure needed to keep your IT exercise regime on track.

Think of your organization’s IT data as your gym membership. You are paying for it, via the software licenses you have procured, the hardware that it is sitting on, the staff who maintain the systems and the wasted budget that you know could be better optimized. Also, much like a gym membership, this data is used sporadically, if at all.

Rather than letting that expensive membership go to waste, engaging with that data to perform exercises on your IT estate will bring you tangible benefits in terms of cost savings, cloud transition, O/S migrations, software contract renewals and cybersecurity.

SAM Insights – Your IT Personal Trainer

SAM Insights from License Dashboard provides a range of consultancy and project-based services, with no long-term commitment, for organizations who understand the power of their IT data and wish to drive real change and unlock the value of their IT investments. We can help you uncover cost savings, prevent license compliance risk, assist with software vendor related issues and report on IT infrastructure. Quickly gain clarity and deep understanding of your IT ecosystem, enabling your business to tactically reduce information technology costs, lessen risk related to the ownership and use of software, whilst improving decision making and increasing efficiency in IT transformation.

SAM Insights is designed specifically to analyse all the existing IT asset data through automated process to provide better understanding of the company’s strengths and weaknesses. The service allows management to better understand the relationship between different data for better decision-making and distribution of resources. SAM Insights plays an important role in the strategic planning process, whilst ensuring that the business can respond to unpredicted or planned change.
Combining our technology solutions with your company’s existing inventory systems and other critical data sources, SAM Insights will give you the insights required to resolve multiple IT challenges.

Get In Shape Quick

By automatically normalizing, cleansing and enriching your existing data sources, there is no faster way of getting the information you require to make more informed decisions relating to your IT infrastructure.

From responding to vendor audits or simply delivering the necessary information required to transition to the Cloud, SAM Insights delivers reliable in-depth analytic reports that allow key stakeholders to respond efficiently and confidently to third-party demands, whilst gaining the knowledge and intelligence that is required to meet your strategic goals.

Get Your Free Health Check

Join our webinar with License Dashboard’s Software Asset Management experts Sean Robinson and David Chamberlain as they discuss how the data already available to you from your IT network can be put through its paces to provide you with cost savings, assist with transition to the cloud, inform major events such as contract renewals or protect against cyber-attacks. Find out how your organization can access a free health check from License Dashboard as your first step to getting in shape for 2020.

Webinar | Wednesday 5th February 2020 | 3.00pm GMT

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Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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