Introducing Licence Dashboard SAM Portal

Licence Dashboard has developed an additional interface that manages the full lifecycle of an organisation’s software assets. The Licence Dashboard SAM Portal builds a comprehensive management interface on top of our world leading software licence management system, enabling organisations to manage the full ISO/IEC 19770-1 SAM lifecycle.

The Licence Dashboard SAM Portal will enable effective fulfilment of the following Software Asset Management processes:  

  • Software Catalogue – the SAM Portal will maintain the organisation’s approved software catalogue and ensure only software approved will be deployed.
  • End User Request – the SAM Portal will enable all authorised personnel to request and track the acquisition and installation of software.
  • Approval – the SAM Portal will facilitate the approval process for all software requests.
  • Software Specification – the SAM Portal will determine whether a request a) requires a licence, b) has an available licence within a business unit or within another affiliate or c) is in need of a purchase.
  • Quote – the SAM Portal will initiate and manage the quote process, working in partnership with an existing Authorised Reseller(s).
  • Order – the SAM Portal will initiate and manage the order fulfilment.
  • Installation Tracking – the SAM Portal will instigate confirmation that the deployment teams need to implement software where a licence is available or has been acquired. Furthermore we could integrate with a chosen service desk console to automate the deployment of the software.
  • Billing Administration and Payment Tracking – the SAM Portal will enable effective and accurate administration of all Quotes, Orders, Goods Received/Invoiced and Purchase History.
  • Licence Reporting & Licence Optimisation – the SAM Portal continue to maintain the licence inventory, licence entitlements and compliance status. Real-time reports will be published, including financial benefits realised (i.e. cost avoidance and savings).

In addition to the SAM Portal, the underlying inventory engine, Licence Dashboard, will continue to provide the following Software Licence Management Services:

  • Ensure all purchases of software licences are correctly recorded;
  • Continued aggregation of the organisation’s installation rights, ensuring ongoing maintenance of the company’s compliance status;
  • Achieve better visibility of company’s central purchasing arrangements and contracts, thus ensuring that the correct licence and maintenance agreements are procured under the correct discounted purchasing agreements;
  • Continued application recognition of network discovery data. Using Licence Dashboard’s Data Cleanse, executables will be matched with product descriptions to provide a manageable list of installed software including licensable, freeware, shareware, drivers and games;
  • Ensures that all purchases of server and desktop software are correctly specified and procured using the most cost-effective agreements;
  • Reduce software expenditure by utilising the information recorded in Licence Dashboard effectively;
  • Provide adequate (minimum of 30 days) advance notification of any events and triggers relevant to maintenance agreements, licences and agreements with Supported Software Vendors, including renewal dates, expiry dates, termination dates, licence fee escalation dates, and exceeding licence thresholds maintenance renewals;
  • Assistance with project planning – by having full visibility of the installation rights and software deployed to the company’s network, Licence Dashboard will be able to provide more accurate licensing advice for planned upgrades and roll-outs or Cloud migrations;
  • Provide comprehensive Management Reports detailing the company’s software compliance status, cost savings made and areas of risk to the organisation;
  • Promote more informed purchasing decisions, thus reducing the risks of overspend.

Licence Dashboard SAM Portal will revolutionise the way organisations request, acquire and manage their software licences. Using this intuitive interface, the system will ensure that all licences are correctly specified and only purchased if absolutely required. For more information, please email [email protected]

Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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