Introducing License Manager 12 and the team behind it: Andy Livesey

Licence Dashboard is excited to announce the launch of License Manager 12, the next generation of Software Asset Management. Andy Livesey, Software Development Manager at License Dashboard, discusses the process by which the platform was developed, and why improving customers’ working experience for the tools was paramount in this version.

The License Dashboard development team took an agile approach to developing this latest version of License Manager. LM12 has been thoroughly tested throughout the rebuild process, with numerous opportunities during the project for usability testing amongst internal and external customers. The painstaking process the development team went through to ensure improved ease of use means that the platform truly offers customers solutions to reach their SAM goals.

Working closely with a third party provider, multiple user experience interviews were conducted to gather feedback. This data fuelled the initial designs, and numerous versions, which were all broken down into goal-orientated chunks. A solution for each goal was drawn up, and the functionality for each solution. Again, each development was subject to more testing, and more feedback.

License Manager, as a piece of software, is well established. With the LM12 development project, the team had to take a step back, and consider how the new functionality would be added to complement and enhance what was already there. The new version of the application had to be modern, attractive, and intuitive.

There are two separate areas of this project that heavily cross over, but ultimately stand apart. The first is the code base on which License Manager was built. It is long standing, and has evolved over the years. LM12 allowed for a re-evaluation and consolidation of the code for a more stable, modern platform. Going forward, License Manager updates will be more straightforward and will stay consistent.

The second area is a visual one and modernity has been applied here too. The theming that’s been introduced improves the overall look of the platform as well its usability. Consistency throughout means that learning how to use the new version is quick and easy. Coming up with a common or familiar way for all customers to use the tool has been a challenge, but the idea behind it has always been that quality comes first. We wanted to deliver a polished product to the market that catered for all customers’ needs.

Rapidly producing prototypes, getting them in front of end-customers who are using the software, gathering their feedback, and applying it back into the software means customers can be confident that their working experience will improve. License Manager is now easier to use, with more functionality that can be easily built on in the future.

Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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