Introducing License Manager 12 and the team behind it: Ben Simpson

Licence Dashboard is excited to announce the launch of License Manager 12, the next generation of software asset management. Ben Simpson, Senior SAM Consultant at License Dashboard, talks about how the day-to-day use of License Manager was put under scrutiny to make sure it improved workflow for all users from customers to consultants.

Historically, even the most powerful SAM tools have fallen short of a manual ELP (effective license position). The output, although informative, isn’t adaptable, which means a SAM Consultant’s knowledge and experience of a software license can’t be applied directly. The data must be extracted from the tool and manipulated for the final reconciliation to make it perfectly accurate and in line with a vendor’s licensing terms. But with License Manager, the ability to make these kinds of usage decisions sits within the tool. License Manager 12 allows a change in license demand records to reflect software assurance for some of the more advanced rights including mobility, and Cloud migration.

LM12 was built based on user feedback. This means it’s what they actually want – not what the developers perceived was required, not what the board thinks is most important, but with actual usage in mind. SAM Consultants who use the tool day in day out provided useful insight into how the tool fits with a customer’s needs, plus having worked with vendors, they know what needs to be included from that perspective. They know what’s required. They know what’s important.

For Microsoft, for example, this means considering commercial agreements and renewals. That then reveals what a customer’s complex risks are and how those risks can be mitigated. It will show what will need to be purchased in true ups and how to optimize the software’s life cycle. Applying experience from the coalface has meant a serious focus on workflow, and as a result has improved the product massively.

The improved user experience of License Manager  has streamlined the way in which the tool offers information to a user. And that comes from a better way of communicating what the tool can do, and a better way of operating that functionality. If a SAM Consultant with eight years’ experience can’t locate the controls to readily apply licenses in the correct manner, then there’s no hope for someone new to SAM.

Clear sign posts, intuitive navigation, and improved workflow all come from a stripped-back, rebuilt License Manager. Users can perform the same, valuable tasks that have always been available through the tool, but now more quickly, with fewer clicks, and with the ability to directly communicate the output to the executive level. Alerts through the tool now take users directly to an organization’s risk, so it is more easily identified and fixed, resulting in heightened productivity.

Previous releases of License Manager have brought added functionality as user demands have changed and grown, but LM12 is by far the biggest shake up this SAM tool has ever had.

LM12 has been born from both internal and external users’ feedback, which means the new product works for everybody. From a SAM Consultant’s point of view, the job just got a whole lot easier, which will hugely benefit customers. From an organization’s point of view, LM12 can facilitate a new dawn of software asset management. Better communication of SAM breeds a better understanding of its importance, meaning it becomes part of company culture.

Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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