Introducing License Manager 12 and the team behind it: David Chamberlain

Licence Dashboard is excited to announce the launch of License Manager 12, the next generation of software asset management. David Chamberlain, Senior VP at License Dashboard, debates the unavoidable, necessary complexities of SAM, and License Manager 12’s role in simplifying it by making SAM practices more accessible.

The License Dashboard family of products has been developed over many years to stay in tune with software licensing and deployments. License Manager itself is Discovery Tool agnostic, which means customers don’t have to deploy Discovery agents. In fact, after deployment, they’re up and running collecting meaningful software licensing and user data in hours. License Manager is one of the few SAM tools that can offer a total audit-centric end-to-end solution.

With an end-to-end solution comes data, and lots of it. All of it valuable, but potentially overwhelming. Row after row, column after column, that needs to be sorted, visualized, and acted upon quickly. When developing License Manager 12 (LM12), the in-house users at License Dashboard highlighted what the technology needs to do, and how the technology already developed could be improved to better serve their needs. This raised questions over both usability and accessibility.

Software asset management should be accessible to any organization. Unfortunately, SAM itself needs to be complicated – that’s just the way it is – but it can be simplified through the right interface, which simplifies the way the information is presented. In the past, although License Manager has always been top of the tree in terms of technological capability, the actual look and feel of the tool lent itself to more experienced SAM consultants; a steep learning curve for those new to software asset management.

With LM12, as soon as they launch the product, all users can see what it’s doing, and what it needs to be doing.

LM12 has been designed for users to work with SAM technology, not fight against it. And this has been the mantra through the entire development project. It’s been a long journey, with a lot of people involved, but that has ultimately been essential in its success. From the developers, to marketing, to the external consultants, plus the Licence Dashboard customers themselves contributing so much – the long-standing, highly experienced viewpoints and feedback dissected exactly how LM12 needs to work for anyone.

It was such a valuable learning experience having them critique the product, and that kind of activity will be woven into any future developments, too. License Dashboard has an aggressive road map of items to add to the product in upcoming releases, so this SAM solution can grow and evolve with the needs of customers.

Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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