Introducing License Manager 12 and the team behind it: Sam Mudd

Licence Dashboard is excited to announce the launch of License Manager 12, the next generation of software asset management. Sam Mudd, Managing Director of License Dashboard, reveals that collaboration was at the heart of LM12, and that the positive reception it’s had so far is down to that alliance between customers and stakeholders.

Throughout the industry, License Dashboard is regarded as a company that understands licensing – and it’s little wonder having been in the field for almost 20 years – that’s why it’s been possible to continue to develop the flagship tool into one with intuitive, rich functionality, the reliability to generate the right reports, and the capability to manage all assets. It’s come from a software licencing house.

Starting with industry events like Gartner, feedback was gathered to create a prototype. Customers of different sizes, different experiences, and from different backgrounds helped visualize what License Manager 12 could be, and helped create a list of options for consideration when building that prototype. Stakeholders from within the business, including the Marketing team, Development, plus the Practitioners and those delivering SAM were all instrumental in gauging what needed to change, and what needed improving.

License Manager is two decades old, and the world of software licencing has only become more complex over the years. The advent of virtualization and Cloud technology, the plethora of SKUs at manufacturers’ disposal, and the portfolio of suites available for purchase/upgrade mean that SAM has become much bigger than the humble Excel Spreadsheet. LM12 was created to make lives easier, to gain efficiencies, and offer reliability in capturing SAM data and managing those assets. Collaborating with the people executing these tasks day in and day out just makes sense.

Co-operating with so many people, and taking on board the feedback was a huge investment in terms of time and budget. But with License Manager 12 being such a popular and prolific tool in the industry, it deserved the resource being applied to its development. LM12 had to be a product our customers could use, and, just as importantly, a product our partners could sell. It had to be quick for customers to uptake, and for the partner to skill it themselves and support the end-user. LM12 is all about driving efficiency, saving time, and making the whole SAM process a lot easier.

There are different models for development, but Licence Dashboard stands shoulder to shoulder with various divisions in the business, and so can react to input on the fly. Working with multiple teams across the business, as well as partners and customers, harnessed a broad range of energies, and pulled it under one umbrella to create License Manager 12. The strategy was bold, it held some risk, but getting that feedback from all parties was exactly what was required.

Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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