Introducing License Manager 12 and the team behind it: Sean Robinson

Licence Dashboard is excited to announce the launch of License Manager 12, the next generation of Software Asset Management. Sean Robinson, one of the founders of License Dashboard, gives his take on how the platform has grown to become an essential tool for Software Asset Managers, and why the latest version is the best yet.

Over the years, as organizations have moved from on-premise to the cloud, our License Manager application has evolved to help facilitate that journey for customers. It’s so important for a business to understand users’ needs for software to make truly informed decisions when making strategic IT changes like Cloud migration. Not having enough licenses, or having too many licenses, must absolutely be addressed both immediately, and in a way that can be managed going forward.

Licence Manager 12 takes the foundation of License Dashboard’s offering and delivers a heightened level of intuitive use. The focus on user experience has meant that LM12 no longer resembles a scientific calculator, and instead is streamlined, re-organized, and enjoyable to interact with. The inner workings of the tool are still complex – they have to be to properly handle the demands that come from effective software license management – but the end-user experience is now refreshingly uncomplicated.

The customer base at License Dashboard fed back through their account managers to explain how reliant they are on the functionality and the capability of each iteration of License Manager. They trust in what Licence Manager offers, they appreciate the technology is at their fingertips, and they admit that without the support, they simply wouldn’t have the skills and competencies internally for SAM. In the past, you could argue there was an understanding that properly performing the complicated task that is SAM, meant adoption of a complicated tool. That simply isn’t the case any longer. License Dashboard has adapted its technology to provide a clear-cut user interface for better engagement.

Allowing customers to leverage the power of all the data sources already in operation internally is the principle License Manager continues to be built on. LM12’s discovery tool agnostic capabilities mean customers can make the most of existing investments in their IT network and actually manage their licence entitlements and their SAM program. Rather than the providers of these internal data sources being a rival to License Dashboard, they are partners. License Dashboard compliments their offering, enhancing their output to better meet customer requirements.

Over the last few years, the Software Asset Management market, and indeed IT in general, has experienced much disruption. Faith in the SAM market has dwindled and mixed messages about how to address SAM to work towards changing business goals have done nothing to mitigate that. LM12 shows the technology exists. Contribution from customers and clients has been at the forefront of the tool’s success to date, and will continue to be at the heart of its development into the future.

I am very excited about its future and the direction that we have taken with the product. In years to come we will look back at the release of License Manager 12 and see it as a very definitive step in our history.

Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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