Achieving Greater Value with Agile Software Asset Management

License Dashboard was pleased to be a silver sponsor at ITAM Review’s Wisdom Online, delivering an interactive experience at our virtual booth, through an insightful Q&A session on the future of cloud, and our Director, Sean Robinson, breaking down the fundamentals of Agile SAM.

“… how IT Asset Management leaders can evolve their SAM programs into a modern Agile framework. Can applying Agile practices to your SAM program produce increased results in terms of cost savings and risk mitigation, whilst achieving the buy-in of multiple digital stakeholders from across your organization?”

For the last two years, License Dashboard has been improving the way we help our customers manage their contractual, compliance, and cost obligations in managing IT assets through introducing Agile Methodologies in our Software Asset Management service.

Accelerating speed-to-value, improving the flexibility in what we offer, and pushing collaboration in our SAM services has delivered value added outcomes to key stakeholders in our customers’ businesses, giving them a true competitive advantage in this area.

Today’s SAM Challenges

Although the core principles, and therefore the core challenges for software asset management remain constant, the fundamental difference today comes from its ability to evolve to meet ever-changing business demands:

Adapt to change: In a world where large businesses are now adopting agile methodologies for controlling projects and responding to unpredictability, organizations are demanding a SAM service that fully complies with these new techniques.

Respond quickly: With increased demands on profitability and innovation, businesses are looking to implement SAM programs that promote more effective collaborative working with cross-functional capability and speed.

Reduce costs and risks: Continued management of costs and risks are more important now than ever before, so businesses must look to implement SAM programs that focus on balancing the costs, risks, and speed, whilst prioritizing transformation.

Digital transformation: Software vendors continue to develop software that drives the end-user to new boundaries, therefore a business must be able to improve its dexterity and agility in implementing the latest technology.

Why Agile?

In short, organizations that implement Agile methodologies are able to adapt to change quickly and effectively. That means they see changing business demands as an opportunity to improve, rather than a threat to how they already operate, which boosts motivation, improves productivity, and instills and optimistic working culture.

What does Agile look like for SAM?

In terms of software asset management, Agile means the partnering of the SAM team with key stakeholders in the business. It means a better focus on business priorities, it means an alignment of activities inside one-month-deliverables, and it means measurable results that inform the next business decision.

The process of Agile SAM begins with creating a demand backlog, which details all the outstanding stakeholder requirements, and then holding a meeting with the involved parties as well as the IT department to prioritize the tasks in terms of urgency, ROI, and resource. A ‘sprint’ backlog is then formulated, which assigns the necessary resources and puts in order the tasks to executed and when. After a month has elapsed, a further meeting is held to review the outcomes and report back to the team and stakeholders. This ‘sprint retrospective meeting’ will illustrate ROI, reveals key learnings, and then helps line-up the next sprint.

To successfully align Agile in an organization’s software asset management process, it is necessary to have in place a SAM tool that is managing and controlling the IT assets deployed across the IT environment. This needs to be kept up-to-date for compliance reporting, but also to feed into the sprint. Here we celebrate the SAM team, rightfully  recognizing them as influencers in an organization’s digital transformation, and essential in empowering new technologies without the associated impact on cost.

License Dashboard’s SAM Agile service

Our SAM Agile solution incorporates all the above processes and integrates with existing SAM technologies to embrace Agile’s full capabilities. Planning, managing, and tracking through our intuitive Jira-based dashboard offers clear visuals for the sprint backlog and shows in great detail what’s involved in fixing each priority.

Find out how SAM Agile can help your business.

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