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  • At License Dashboard we are, and always have been passionate about creating and maintaining a diverse place of work. Libby has been working with the Women in Technology Community by building a space where women can support each other, share advice and work to narrow the gender gap, now she shares her thoughts.

We asked some esteemed women within the IT industry to tell us a bit about their experiences within the workplace. Here’s what our very own Libby Bagley has said:

When did you first start in the IT industry and what drew you to it?

I grew up watching my dad beaver away in the IT industry and this had me interested, he always seemed to be working on different projects and there was always something new coming out – it seemed exciting, so I guess I had some sort of interest from an early age.

I started in the IT industry in 2012, where I nervously passed interviews for a software asset management marketing role. After a few months, some very mind-blowing training and some awesome support I moved up and became the Marketing Assistant and really found my interest within the subject. I did try to leave the industry in 2017 but that didn’t last long, and I headed back into the industry that I enjoy and find interesting.

As a woman, have you faced any challenges within working environments?

I have, but I am not 100% sure it’s because I am female or it’s because of my young age at the time. I have experienced massive pay gaps in comparison with others in the same position and had ideas push aside or overlooked. I think it’s hard for me to determine whether being young or a female impacted on these situations as I could never really tell – maybe it was both!

In more recent years, I unfortunately was made redundant, and that really knocked me. I went from being very confident to feeling like I had failed for a long time. Instead of focusing on the amazing fact that I was contacted the next day and offered another role, I felt disappointed in myself and that took a lot of work to move on from, in fact I am still pushing myself, learning new skills and reaffirming the confidence that I know is in there.

It’s now well known that a lot of industries have been highlighted due to pay gaps between men and women, do you think this is the same within the IT industry?

Yes, absolutely. I do think it has now been acknowledged and I understand there are organizations with c-level females that are probably defying this pay gap issue but overall, I do feel this is an issue, looking at research and reports it’s quite clear to see there is a pay gap issue across the industry as a whole.

In recent years there has been an influx of women in all workplaces, but it’s not equal to men, I read somewhere that men are 30% more likely to be promoted to a managerial position than women. Why do you think this is and what can organizations do to prevent discrimination and maintain equality when looking at hiring, salaries and promotions?

I think in even the most diverse companies’ women doubt they should go for a promotion. We receive a companywide email (or a personal one) and immediately get in contact with our friend/partner/parents to see if we should even go for it, we’ll then read a bit more about the role and still doubt our qualifications or experience when really we should grab the opportunity and learn on the job/look at training options.

really we should grab the opportunity

I think organizations should approach more employees personally when a promotion becomes available, especially if they feel the employee would be good within that role, there still will be interview processes but it would help women feel more confident about something they might not have originally gone for.

Do you have any advice to women starting out in the IT industry?

Don’t let fear get in the way. That was the best piece of advice I ever received, and I use it regularly. I’m not stupid with it but I use it in personal and professional situations to give me a little boost when I need reassurance, something we all should do.

Don’t let fear get in the way

What resources and support are available for women in IT?

After meeting the lovely Sarah Lewis from Ivanti I was invited to help, support and promote their Women in IT community, we have a LinkedIn group where you contact anyone on there for advice or support, or contact one of us and we can post on your behalf. Over time we would like to build this up and create more so watch this space!

I am a big believer in girls supporting girls so if you ever need a chat, please just drop me a message.

There’s also some great books and podcasts that help making commuting a lot less boring!

What’s the biggest lesson you have learnt as a woman in technology?

Believe in yourself, they’ll be some scary days ahead but know that you can get through it, arm yourself with information and absolutely boss it. Also, keep learning. Continue to learn new skills and expand your knowledge, and when you do, do it for yourself.

Keep an eye out for the next blog in the Women in Technology series and if you would like to take part, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Ben Murden

Ben Murden

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