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With software taking up an ever increasing share of your IT budget, it has become even more important to manage, control and protect your software assets. Having a greater understanding of your licence position and being able to track what software you have deployed can definitely help you avoid unnecessary expenditure.

Licence Dashboard is now the world’s leading Software Licence Management tool, facilitating and driving more Software Asset Management (SAM) programmes than any other application on today’s market. Licence Dashboard is an essential tool for any organisation looking to hone its software licence management process. Without it, managing software assets becomes an arduous and resource intensive task, one which suppresses the savings you could be making.

The table below summarises just some of the business benefits experienced by our Licence Dashboard customers:


Potential Saving

Reduction in cost per asset

Gartner estimate a 30% saving in the cost per asset in the first year and 5-10% annually over the next 5 years.


Reduction of Hardware Costs (%)

Identification of the over-deployment of hardware and facilitate the identification of other hardware savings such as server consolidation.


Reduction in Support Costs (%)

Better knowledge about what is being installed/used, and better deployment capabilities, will facilitate the assessment of strategic software alternatives. In addition, a well-run ICT infrastructure will result in fewer operational problems and more cost effective support of hardware and software.


Improved Software Purchasing Arrangements (%)

Increase purchasing discounts by centralising the management of your licence acquisitions. Improve negotiating advantage by have up to date information at hand.


Reduce Costs of Internal Licensing Support (%)

Reduce the costs of maintaining licensing expertise amongst managerial and operational staff.


Improved Staff Productivity (%)

Improve response times, increase staff motivation and reduce administrative overheads.


Reduction of Operational Risks (%)

Reduce Over-deployment of software and improve strategic planning.


Reduce Interruption of Operations (%)

Reduce the chances of unexpected shutdowns caused by legal issues, virus infections or poorly deployed software.


Licence Dashboard’s comprehensive functionality removes the complexity of software licensing and really allows an organisation to manage fully the software and licence entitlement lifecycle – thereby reducing operational risk and excessive spend within the organisation.

So, with cost reduction order of the day, there has never been a better time to implement the Licence Dashboard and start realising the true benefits associated with effective software asset management.

Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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