Licence Dashboard SAM Portal – Proved and Tested!

Licence Dashboard is on the brink of launching a unique solution which will revolutionise the way that organisations manage, control and protect their software assets. With a highly intuitive interface and full integration with other key business processes, Licence Dashboard cannot wait to launch its new product in April 2011.

Following a successful beta release, Licence Dashboard has now fine-tuned its unique business application and has effectively implemented the SAM Portal into one of the world’s largest FTSE 100 companies, enabling them to control the full lifecycle of their Software Asset Management programme, including requesting software, approving requests, compliance verification, installation notification management, licence optimisation, licence specification, order processing, transactional reporting, cost saving management and decommissioning.

With many organisations already queuing up for this application, we are quietly confident that this Software Asset Management tool will become the de facto for any business that it is looking to implement an effective SAM programme and ultimately drive down excessive spending and business risk.

For more information about the Licence Dashboard SAM Portal, contact us at [email protected] or call 0845 265 1217

Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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