Licence Dashboard Schools Edition

In one integrated, affordable solution, designed specifically for schools, Licence Dashboard™ Schools Edition delivers many of the features and benefits previously only available to large enterprises.

With software taking up an ever increasing share of a school’s ICT budget, it has become even more important to manage, control and protect your software assets. Having a greater understanding of your licence position and being able to track what software you have deployed can definitely help you avoid unnecessary expenditure.

To many schools, licence management is a ‘black-art’, a forever a moving target that requires more than just adding a number or document against a device or user. This is a completely accurate description and emphasises the absolute need for a licence management tool.

With Licence Dashboard, you can effectively and automatically control the entire lifecycle of your software assets from purchase, to upgrade and beyond. With its easy-to- use interface, users such as Network Managers, Business Administrators, Head Teachers and all other authorised members of staff can gain access to software inventory, licence inventory and purchasing information at anytime.

Using this information can ensure that all purchases of software are correctly specified and procured using the most cost-effective agreements, while ensuring that all licence evidence is correctly recorded and loss of entitlement is significantly reduced.

By continuing to aggregate a school’s installation rights, more informed purchasing decisions can be made – thus reducing the risk of overspend. Again, Gartner informs us that organisations which do not utilise this information during the purchasing stage overbuy software licences for 60% of their portfolio.

By popular demand, Licence Dashboard Ltd has established a cost-effective Schools Edition for Licence Dashboard and its supporting tools. The Schools Edition is a subscription-based licensing programme specifically created to address the unique needs of primary and secondary schools.


Included in Licence Dashboard Schools Edition are:

Licence Dashboard™

From a single view, Licence Dashboard enables an Administrator to report exactly what the school is allowed to install, determine how many licences have been allocated, verify how many licences are still available and be alerted to any maintenance renewals which are due.

This unique application enables schools to manage day-today licensing chores without the user having to be a Licence Specialist. It also provides greater clarity – putting you in a better negotiating position and promoting more informed purchasing decisions.

Dashboard Discovery™

Dashboard Discovery provides a comprehensive software and hardware inventory for Microsoft Windows-based networks. Total visibility of your software assets is a good starting point for any school trying to establish a long-term Software Asset Management programme. Dashboard Discovery tracks all IT assets deployed across your school network.

Whether the aim is to take control of software licensing, drive down IT costs or ensure that projects are brought in on time and under budget, Dashboard Discovery provides a baseline of asset information across the entire network.

Software Licensing Support Services

Each school has full access to our trustworthy and reliable Software Licence Support Service which entitles Head Teachers and other authorised staff to access the Members Area on our Web site. Or, if preferred, telephone access can be granted to one of our qualified agents. In addition, each school has full access to our User Discussion Forum and News Groups – an online bulletin board which allows users to post messages and comment on other messages, creating an online community with other schools and members.

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