Licence Dashboard to the Rescue!

How do you know which asset management tool to implement, before you know what software needs to be measured? This is exactly the question you should ask yourself before purchasing a very expensive inventory tool.

Many organisations continue to acquire asset management tools without first reviewing what they need to measure – consequently, they implement a solution that never ticks all the boxes and they may even end up managing the exceptions manually in an unmanageable spreadsheet.

To avoid this nightmare, it is highly recommended that your organisation completes a full reconciliation of its software licences and understands the licensing position before you proceed with the acquisition of an audit tool.

As with most licence agreements, there are many ways that you can licence a software product. For example, Microsoft products are usually defined by Device whereas Oracle products are measured by Processor or Named User. This diversity within licence metrics, and the added complexity of managing licence constraints, usually renders most asset management tools useless. It is imperative, therefore, that you conduct a software audit prior to choosing your inventory tool.

This issue has not just happened once, but happens on every project that I have been engaged with and the same question is always asked – How did we select a tool without first identifying what we needed to measure?

The good news is, for those who have already deployed an asset management tool and are already asking this question, there is one solution that will come to your rescue – Licence Dashboard.

Licence Dashboard is now Europe’s leading licence management tool and is designed to assist organisations in managing their software compliance. With its easy-to-use interface and the ability to integrate with most leading asset management tools, this product will enable you to automatically reconcile your licence entitlement and establish you compliance position. More importantly, if you implement Licence Dashboard before purchasing an asset management tool, you will be able to report what licensable software needs to be monitored before selecting the most appropriate asset management tool.

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Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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