License Dashboard challenges the market to think differently

York, England, November 24th 2014: License Dashboard today officially announces their decision to move from an on-premise license management technology supplier to a License Management as a Service (LMaaS) provider. A service which can either be delivered directly or by an accredited partner – a choice of the customer.

License Dashboard Director, Sean Robinson commented: “License Dashboard exists to help organizations maximise their software assets and IT budgets – or put another way, we’re here to help teams and organizations meet their full potential. That’s why we now only offer License Management as a Service, because it not only frees up teams to focus on what matters most in their organization, but it gives them clear and precise license intelligence on which important decisions can be made“

When launched in 2004, License Dashboard developed advanced and intelligent License Management solutions to be run in-house by an organization’s team of experts – automation and simplicity were the goal. Over time License Dashboard built up a strong network of the world’s most established SAM partners who resold their products and used them to provide services – many of which License Dashboard continue to work with today.

As the market evolved and software licensing became more complex, License Dashboard progressed their product and service range to meet the needs, but regardless, a number of obstacles remained when running a fully in-house SAM program.

Sean Robinson commented: “We found that irrespective of the tool(s) being run, and in many cases the SAM infrastructure and resources already in place, the level of support and knowledge required to run a successful in-house program was unmanageable and often lead to failing SAM programs. Even those organizations who successfully create their compliance position often struggle to move past that stage before it’s time to re-calculate it – meaning their SAM program offers little value to the organization.”

Sean went on to say: “That’s when we had the light bulb moment – we have a great License Management tool; along with our partners we know it inside out; and we have a team of very experienced software license experts; so why not lead with License Management as a Service? It takes the pressure off IT, SAM, Finance and Procurement teams because we do all the number crunching and we’re always up to date with the latest licensing rules and industry standards, so they don’t have to be.”

“So that’s why we’re proud to now operate in this way, working with our partners to offer best in class License Management services that not only reduce software spend and compliance risks, but help teams and organizations be the best they can be.”

License Dashboard will be honoring the support and maintenance agreement for both existing customers and partners, which will expire November 1st 2015.

To learn more about License Dashboard’s available services please visit this page and for a summary of their accredited partners please click here.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Alex Ashley-Roberts, Head of Marketing at License Dashboard

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Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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