License Dashboard Launch New Essentials and Agile SAM Managed Services

License Dashboard has launched two new managed services designed to eliminate wasted spend and dissatisfaction with traditional software asset management tools and services. SAM Essentials and SAM Agile will provide both small to medium sized organizations and large enterprise businesses a truly modern SAM service, providing savings on software and cloud spend as well as ensuring licensing compliance.

SAM Essentials

SAM Essentials combines License Dashboard’s License Manager technology with a managed service to ensure small to mid-sized organisations experience the full benefit of an effective SAM programme, without the risk of implementing technology that will never be fully utilised.

Organisations can experience an initial saving of up to 30% of their software costs when implementing an effective SAM programme according to Gartner. However, many organisations choose to install technology or subscribe to a managed service that fails to provide this full value, even after months of implementation and continued costs.

SAM Essentials changes this.

By providing a combination of SAM tool and service, the customer has full access to manage an unlimited number of vendors within License Manager but can rely on License Dashboard’s SAM consultants to onboard and configure their choice of three, five or ten key vendors. License Dashboard then provide regular health checks for the key vendors to ensure they are properly managed and that the customer is correctly using the technology to identify and implement cost saving optimisation. The customer remains firmly in the driving seat of their SAM program, but experiences quick speed-to-value thanks to License Dashboard’s onboarding support and continued services.

SAM Agile

SAM Agile is the only flexible Software Asset Management managed service to meet the changeable requirements of the modern enterprise organisation. In a world where large businesses are now adopting agile methodologies for controlling projects and software development, License Dashboard is introducing a SAM Managed service that fully complies with these new techniques, ensuring that organisations can respond effectively to the unpredictability of the software industry.

SAM Agile delivers the core outcomes of a SAM Managed service, but more importantly, introduces incremental sprints which will allow License Dashboard to deliver key business outcomes as and when an organisation requires them, rather than being held to a fixed managed service schedule that does not allow for change caused by volatile demands made by the business.

This unique approach to managing SAM allows organisations to purchase a certain number of “points” per year, which account to blocks of time with License Dashboard’s managed service’s team. These points can then be drawn on at the most appropriate time for the customer. This provides a flexible service that easily adapts to changing requirements and ensures that value is optimised throughout the delivery process and, consequently, savings are recognised and banked quickly. For the first time organisations will be able to subscribe to a service that delivers exactly what they want, when they need it, instead of being fixed to an inflexible service that delivers outcomes at the wrong time and doesn’t meet the real-life demands made on the business.

License Dashboard Sales Director Sean Robinson said, “SAM Essentials and SAM Agile offer a revolutionary alternative to traditional software asset management services by ensuring that the customer always receives full value-for-money and remains in total control of their SAM programme. SAM Essentials de-risks the investment in SAM technology by ensuring that the tool is installed quickly and put into use within days, rather than months as is often the case with SAM implementations.

“The customer experiences the rapid value a SAM programme will bring and is fully involved in the implementation of SAM processes, rather than becoming a passenger on traditional SAM managed service.

“SAM Agile offers a completely new way of providing a SAM service for large-scale enterprise organisations. The core services of a SAM programme are maintained but the agile nature of the service allows our team of SAM consultants to focus their efforts on targeted projects throughout the year in a series of monthly sprints on a points basis.”

Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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