License Dashboard recognizes and celebrates its global partner network

Computacenter, Phoenix Software, Dustin AB, Warren Bennet, Victoria Compton and Andrew Potterton (Computacenter) and Mark Hoggart (Explorer UK) handed License Dashboard accolades.


 York, England, December 17th: License Dashboard is celebrating another successful year which has seen significant business progress; improvement which would not have been possible without the support and contribution of its global partner channel.

In recognition of their importance and to celebrate their successes in SAM, each year License Dashboard runs its International Partner Awards, with category winners chosen by a panel of judges from License Dashboard.

The SAM Partner of the year is an award that recognizes the License Dashboard partner who has shown the most overall progress in terms of sales, marketing and SAM services infrastructure. This award went to Computacenter, a European provider of IT infrastructure services, who have applied significant effort in developing their C3 SAM offering – focusing on implementing new processes, staff training and valuable service deliverables over the last 12 months.

Sales Partner of the Year went to the UK end-to-end IT infrastructure provider Phoenix Software for its consistent performance in bringing in the most SAM sales during this year through its successful hosted FOCUS SAM service.

Dustin AB received New Partner of the Year. This award goes to a partner that has joined License Dashboard in the past 12 months and made the biggest impact in that time. Dustin AB is a premier IT and electronics solutions provider operating in Sweden, Denmark and Norway – it extended its partnership to use License Dashboard technologies to deliver its hosted SAM managed service. The judges chose Dustin AB based on a combination of its sales performance, strong marketing and innovative approach to driving business forward for License Dashboard.

Mark Hoggart, from Explorer UK receives the long overdue SAM Sales Professional of the Year award for his consistent and diligent Sales approach throughout their partnership with License Dashboard. Mark has been a key figure in building customer relationships and winning SAM business for Explorer UK, the cutting edge software solutions provider.

Finally, and new in 2014, is the SAM Delivery Professional of the Year award which celebrates the achievements, effort and hard work of the SAM Delivery teams – a key area License Dashboard is keen to recognize in line with its partner network’s full focus on SAM services. License Dashboard judges identified three key individuals whose efforts could not be split and therefore the awarded goes to Warren Bennet, Victoria Compton and Andrew Potterton to recognize their combined driving force behind Computacenter’s progress this year.

Sean Robinson, Managing Director of License Dashboard said, “These awards are an important recognition of our Channel Partners’s strength, who all match our values and approach to SAM. We want to highlight and thank not just the winners, but all of our partners for their achievements and contribution over the last 12 months. We choose our partners carefully and always nurture high value relationships with global leading players. Congratulations to all of the winners this year.”

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Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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