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Revolutionise how software is requested, approved, procured and managed

Why SAM Director?

  • Streamline software requests, approvals & deployments
  • Self-service improves productivity & user satisfaction
  • Reduce software procurement costs
  • Ensure only approved applications are deployed

SAM Director complements License Manager by extending an organisation’s ability to manage how software is requested, approved, purchased and deployed across the enterprise.  From an intelligent self-service AppStore of approved software titles to a comprehensive online sign-off process, plus the ability to feed SAM metrics and triggers to existing ITAM platforms, SAM Director is designed to help organisations move beyond Licence Management and establish mature Software Asset Management practices.

SAM Director comprises:

APPSTORE – provide all users across the network with self-service access to a virtual software catalogue populated with approved software titles.  Users can request software deployments, including business justification and timescale requirements

APPROVALS MANAGEMENT – line managers and department heads can view and manage software requests online, quickly approving, rejecting or re-routing requests as appropriate

LICENCE MANAGEMENT – via a direct integration with License Dashboard License Manager, SAM Director provides an instant view of licence availability as well as facilitating the inter-departmental transfer of licences as approved by the appropriate licence managers

PROCUREMENT – where licences need to be purchased, SAM Director can trigger the procurement process, identifying the appropriate suppliers for different licences and tracking progress

DEPLOYMENT – when a software request is fully approved and licences have been assigned, deployment teams can be automatically notified to deploy nominated applications to the appropriate devices on the network

SAM Director is the first Software Asset Management platform to connect everyone involved in managing and licensing the applications on the network, from end users to line managers, SAM specialists to procurement and deployment professionals.

SAM Director is available as an additional component to License Manager, or as an integral part of the Enterprise SAM solution for larger organisations.

To learn more about SAM Director, email or call • +44 845 265 1217 (UK/International) •1-855-773-3404 (US & Canada) • 1800 502 881 (AUS & NZ)



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