Over 80% of Business Still Do Not Fully Manage Their Software Assets

A fully effective and proactive Software Asset Management (SAM) program is proven to save fast-growing and large organizations a significant percentage of their software spend every year. An effective SAM program includes tracking the lifecycle of each IT asset and software install throughout its lifecycle, ensuring that software licenses are optimized and users are profiled so the right software is delivered in the most efficient manner.

Gartner reports that an effective SAM program will save organizations up to 30% of their software spend. At License Dashboard we work closely with organizations who report a range of savings, and it is worth remembering that even a 5% saving on software spend for global enterprise organizations still represents millions of dollars – a huge return on investment for any SAM program.

License Dashboard’s 2020 ITAM Community Survey, released this week, reports that only 17% of organizations surveyed would describe their SAM program as Dynamic (a fully robust SAM strategy is in place that manages each software asset throughout its lifecycle for the purpose of licensing compliance, IT efficiency and cost optimization). Fewer than one in five organizations are currently benefiting from the rewards of an effective SAM program, representing millions of dollars in software overspend, inefficiency, time spent on manual tasks and risk of licensing noncompliance.

Almost one in three organizations (31%) describe their approach to Software Asset Management as Reactive (software only managed when there is a requirement, for example during a vendor audit or software changes), further illustrating the missed opportunities within businesses to optimize their software deployments.

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About The 20200 ITAM Community Survey

The 2020 License Dashboard ITAM Community Survey engaged with IT Asset Management professionals across the globe, building a picture of the real-life challenges the ITAM community is facing and gauging the top priorities for 2020.

Several questions in the survey cover the maturity of each respondent’s Software Asset Management programs, as well as identifying which vendors raise the highest concern and audit frequency. The survey also included questions on each organization’s top ITAM priorities for 2020 and investigated the plethora of personal job titles and certifications that are now present in the industry. The responses highlighted in this report provide some enlightening insights into the current state of IT Asset Management as well as charting the top concerns for the ITAM teams in organizations around the world.

The survey was responded to by over 150 organizations, with IT networks spanning from fewer than 100 devices up to over 10,000.

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