Reflecting on Software Asset Management in 2016


License Dashboard would like to wish everyone a very happy holidays, and take this time to reflect on what’s changed for us.

License Manager 10

After releasing our largest development yet, License Manager 10, we haven’t rested on our laurels. True end user management is coming to the fore with more of our customers recognizing the importance of understanding their users and the difficulty of associating them with the numerous personas logging into SaaS, O365, Creative Cloud, SAP systems and so on. The challenge doesn’t stop there; once you know who your users are it is then necessary to align them to endpoints in order to manage user based licenses – and this is not as straightforward as it would appear. Of course this is high on our roadmap agenda and License Manager 11 – due for release early 2017 – is there to help with some exciting innovations to simplify this onerous task and make it a reality.

License Dashboard Portal

With the release of License Dashboard Portal, we brought you a diverse, easy to use reporting tool that caters for all departments and ITAM data consumers. Going into 2017, we have planned developments to enhance the capabilities of our brand new tool, so keep an eye on our website for future updates.

Data Navigator

Big Data has been a phrase on everyone’s lips this year, leading to the creation of Data Navigator to help track all assets and deployment data. This class leading tool will connect to all supported inventory solutions, pull the information at scheduled times, normalize the data, and make it available to any system (CMDB, ITSM et al) presenting a clear and understandable view of deployed assets, their technical attributes and what they are running. Taking it one step further, we have released the License Dashboard API, which gives our existing user base the chance to ‘open the back door’ of License Manager and present the information into any of these ITSM or third party solutions that need to be populated with such data as they choose.

What’s to come in Software Asset Management

Heading into 2017, in addition to this exciting array of features and enhancements to our platform, we have some additional specialist recruitment into the team to bolster our expertise and broaden our capabilities. This strengthened offering includes more knowledge and capability in the enterprise space alongside some new services focused on extracting more value from SAM and ITAM programs beyond compliance and cost avoidance. Speak to your account manager to hear more. If you are struggling with anything specific in your IT environment, please let us know as we might be able to help you overcome the challenge.

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