ROI in a day? Yes, it really can happen

One of the differentiators for License Manager when it comes to managing software license entitlements is the ability to import Microsoft License Statements (MLS) in their raw state.  That, in its own right, is a major labor-saver for organizations – eliminating the need to manipulate or transform data before it can be imported into the license management solution.

But in the case of License Dashboard, that feature is something of an iceberg – impressive enough above the waterline, but the real mass of the value is ‘hidden’ out of sight.  A recent discussion with a large License Manager customer brought credibility to this statement when the customer informed us that the MLS import feature had not only saved them a huge amount of time, but also somewhere in the region of £280,000 (US $450,000).

How? Well, it’s all to do with the intelligence behind the import of MLS entitlements in License Dashboard solutions.

In this particular example, the customer had purchased copies of Microsoft Project in 2002.  At that time, there was only one edition of Project – let’s call it Standard for argument’s sake. Unsurprisingly therefore, the MLS uploaded into License Manager showed a large acquisition of Project Standard licenses.  All good so far.

Except the customer didn’t have Project Standard installed on their network; they had Professional.  With a cost differential in the region of £220 (US $350) per installation, you can imagine the financial implications of such a shortfall.  The customer was gearing up for a sizable chunk of unbudgeted spend.

But wait a second. Subsequent to the launch of Project, Microsoft had introduced Professional and Server editions of the solution, the rights to which were ‘grandfathered’ into some volume licensing agreements where maintenance was in place (at the time of the product’s launch).

No-one on the customer’s IT team had been in place when this came into effect, and so none of them knew the background as to why Standard had been purchased, but now Professional had been deployed. It looked to be a costly compliance mistake on their part.

But thanks to its in-built license dictionaries, License Manager did know about the right and was able to legitimately reconcile the Project Standard license entitlements against the Project Professional installations.

In one ‘simple’ action, License Manager had more than paid for itself – delivering a 187% return on investment by accurately reconciling just one of the thousands of applications on the customer’s network.

The morale of the story?  There are two: first, don’t put off managing licenses for 10 years! Second, to avoid over-spending on licenses, you need a solution that is 100% focused on software license management.  Generalist ITAM or configuration management tools just don’t deliver when it comes to the intelligent application of entitlements against software usage.

Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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