How Do You React to Unexpected Events Such as a Vendor Audit?

As a follow up to our speaking session at the recent ITAM Review Wisdom Online Conference, we’re taking a deep-dive into the fundamentals of Agile SAM. Last time we focused on the value of each SAM activity, and how flexibility is key to getting the most out of a SAM solution. In this post, we answer  the question:

How do you React to Unexpected Events such as a Vendor Audit?

The pioneering SAM Agile Managed Service from License Dashboard brings flexibility and options for switching focus so your organization can prioritize activities based on their importance to the business, or react quickly and efficiently when the unexpected happens.

SAM Agile for: A Vendor Audit

Historically, when an organization receives a vendor audit request, mass panic descends over the company and there’s a scramble to get the correct information gathered and ready to present. Gartner states that the average cost of a software audit is $500,000 and that’s without counting the time and costs associated with being away from business as usual. With your current Managed Service, can your organization afford the time and cost implications of a software audit?

The 2020 ITAM Community Survey found that 59% of all survey respondents had received a software audit within the last two years. License Dashboard advises our customers to always be audit ready as vendors will continue to send requests as long as we continue to use their software. Utilizing SAM Agile points enables organizations to outsource the work behind a vendor audit and receive a current licensing position and tips on where they can make agreements with the vendor if needed, without distracting the internal SAM team from their day to day jobs.

SAM Agile for: Digital Transformation

Normally, digital transformation is planned well in advance and actions are taken to roll out new software and discontinue versions that will no longer be utilized. The beginning of 2020 saw organizations rushing to shift to home working, meaning the need for Cloud and SaaS applications skyrocketed. This resulted in an unforeseen speeding up most digital transformation strategies.

Applying a SAM Agile strategy to major software events assists your organization in adapting to the changes, whether they’re planned or unexpected. License Dashboard customers benefit from a smooth digital transformation without interruption of business activity through SAM Agile.

SAM Agile for: Mergers and Acquisitions

Understanding exactly what is being utilized within your organization as well as what is permitted is complicated, never mind adding a whole other organization’s entitlement data. Mergers or acquisitions have also been noted as an audit trigger, so understanding the licensing position once the organizations are combined is extremely important to ensure compliance and reduce the risk of overspend on software licenses.

Again, usually these activities are planned from the offset but there are occasions where an acquisition can come out of nowhere, and lack of internal knowledge can restrict effective changes for unprepared organizations. Being able to switch focus and having an extra team at your disposal to assist in establishing which software assets will remain after your organizational structure changes ensures you are in the best possible position when the inevitable vendor audit arrives.

SAM Agile for: Organization-wide Reporting

Part of being a stakeholder means understanding how an organization’s budget applies to the relevant department. Gathering information to support stakeholder requests can be time consuming when the data isn’t up to date or held in an easy to access, central location.

Working with License Dashboard consultants, end users can pinpoint the exact information needed for specific departments, such as current IT spend for financial departments, within a short space of time. Having data at your fingertips keeps organizations fully informed and facilitates stakeholders in making critical business decisions that benefit the whole company.

Reprioritizing SAM activities to cope with unexpected events

SAM Agile is based on monthly sprints which are built up of small activities assigned to individuals within License Dashboard and the end user SAM team. From beginning to end, each step of the way is recorded and presents value back to the organization. SAM Agile allows organizations to shift focus at the drop of the hat, changing their priorities to ensure they do not lose valuable time and money during both planned and unexpected times. Find out more here.

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