Why SAM is essential in your shift to the cloud

License Dashboard’s latest newsletter discusses the impact of migrating your deployments and licenses to the Cloud, and the importance of managing this process with a Software Asset Management solution. Featuring complimentary research from Gartner analysts, you can access the newsletter here.

Shifting from traditional software and delivery models to cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) poses several challenges to organizations, not least in terms of Software Asset Management. Migrating to the cloud will impact on both licensing compliance and financial exposure, as well as the prospect of managing a software estate split between traditional and cloud-based delivery models.

Naturally, organizations must fully understand their current IT estate in order to make informed decisions about which users or instances to take to the cloud. Gartner Research suggests that Software Asset Management has now reached a tipping point between SaaS Cost Management and License Compliance. License Dashboard ensures both aspects of this analysis are managed correctly.

Understanding Your Software Estate before migrating to the cloud

Organizations must fully understand their current estate in order to make informed decisions on which users or instances to take to the cloud. Establishing what is deployed and on which platform and who is using the software as well as factoring in any anticipated growth of planned future projects is an essential starting point when planning a migration to a cloud platform.

At this point a factual analysis can be undertaken of actual predicted costs for the migration and a degree of risk analysis can be performed regarding consumption-based metrics.

Software Asset Management’s Role in Managing Your SaaS Costs

When moving to a cloud based SaaS platform, Gartner states, “The software asset management discipline needs to shift from compliance to cost containment, as reduced customer bargaining power produces escalating prices at SaaS contract renewal.”

Given the ability to track consumption-based expenditure with License Dashboard’s SAM platform, an organization can be alerted to any spikes and excess spend once they have moved to a SaaS platform; all through a single interface without the reliance on accessing multiple systems to understand your position.

Reduce User Based Licensing Mistakes with Software Asset Management

Gartner research states “As software publishers focus on growing SaaS and subscription license revenue, the active metering and cost management of applications become inescapable needs. IT sourcing and vendor management leaders should shift the focus of software asset management practices to eliminating excess expenditures.” They recommend that organizations should “Implement and drive adherence to software request, allocation and harvesting of unused software processes, to eliminate unnecessary or costly provisioning of SaaS service.”

The latest release of License Manager 11 will now help you understand who is assigned to what, and show their usage of each software item, automatically resolving multiple user subscription aliases to a primary user account.

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