SAM Predictions 2017

2016 has brought us even more awareness of SAM and ITAM being implemented in and across organizations. With more investment from C-level employees, ITAM processes are starting to strive but this momentum needs to continue to ensure you’re saving money and making the most of your IT assets.

What will happen in 2017? Hear what industry experts believe we can see happening throughout the next 12 months.

David Chamberlain, License Dashboard, Predicts…

license-dashboard-itam-predictions-2017-users-2“In 2017, we at License Dashboard expect to see a significant increase in organizations migrating to Cloud based software. Why? Added flexibility, tighter security, increased collaboration and disaster recovery, it’s more environmentally friendly – the list goes on. This modern way of working opens the door to new technologies, improves productivity and saves organizations money, but it comes with its challenges. One of the most major is understanding exactly what is being consumed across the Cloud environment; discovering and managing usage can become an issue (even upfront payments for usage can be dissolved a lot quicker than expected, and leave behind a nasty bill). Next, complicated licensing rules that come with Cloud subscriptions are confusing and without expert knowledge can lead to an unexpected, hefty fine. Finally, the renewal of your Cloud subscription: Is the organization utilizing the correct number of licenses or could savings be made somewhere?

With the rise in Cloud users we are expecting (and welcoming) organizations to lean on ITAM professionals to help them migrate to Cloud, manage their consumption against their
entitlements, and ensure they remain compliant throughout their subscriptions.”

Rory Canavan, SAM Charter, Predicts…

“Self-healing SAM:  Systems Integration will start leaning towards taking the information provided by SAM Suites to self-correct deployment/licensing errors based on the business rules provided by Senior Management.  I wouldn’t expect to see a full-working live implementation of this (other than in the simplest of IT environments) but I believe this will become the new benchmark for SAM best-practice.”

Dr. Barbara Rembiesa, D.Litt. IAITAM, Predicts…

license-dashboard-itam-predictions-2017-audit table“IAITAM has seen greater adoption of ITAM in 2016 and we expect growth to continue 2017 as executive leadership continues to realize the benefits of ITAM. The old stalwarts of financial savings and efficiencies will still be there as major motivators. However, organizations are still struggling with the challenges of software audits and cyber security. IAITAM has seen a significant number of organizations having to respond to as many as five, six and seven software audits in one year, with each audit lasting several months – not great value add for the organization. On the topic of cyber security, more and more organizations and standards committees are starting to realize that cyber security initiatives will fail without the function of ITAM. While IT service management plays a critical role in any organization and ITAM program, data resides on IT assets, not IT services. Because of software audits and cyber security concerns, IAITAM predicts ITAM will see faster and deeper adoption in 2017. That’s the good news. The bad news is most ITAM programs are at a maturity level where there is plenty of room for improvement. But IAITAM is encouraged by the number of organizations whose senior management is becoming more engaged in ITAM and the practitioners and vendors who are dedicated to moving the industry forward.” 

Thank you to our experts, who have given us lots to consider and prepare for over the next 12 months. What do you see changing or trending in 2017? Get in touch with your thoughts and opinions.

Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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