In an Unpredictable World, Keep Your IT Flexible

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the world, and it is now more important than ever that organizations are able to change the way they work so as to adapt to government guidelines and yet continue to provide continuity for both customers and employees. During these times of uncertainty, adaptive IT strategies will help ensure your organization is effectively collecting and managing IT data in order to take the best course of action when your environment needs to change.

SAM Agile offers just that.

SAM Agile allows customers to adjust their SAM Managed Service as and when they need to. License Dashboard provides an ongoing core service to keep data maintained, up to date, and ready for when organizations require a service including an ELP, contract review, cybersecurity insight and more! Built on a backlog of ITAM activities, License Dashboard develops SAM Agile in line with the customer organization, determining the number of micro-services needed so customers are utilizing every product correctly and in a way that suits their requirements. With such a quick turnaround, and with such rapid results, a month’s activity is termed a ‘sprint’ with SAM Agile allowing each customer to plan their SAM program based on their business requirements and future projects while allowing space for movement within a sprint.

Customers easily adapt to rapidly changing requirements as SAM Agile flexes to meet the needs of the business and can quickly switch focus when the unexpected happens. Customers get what they want, when they need from a SAM program that moves with the technology they have installed..

SAM Agile and COVID-19: Adaptable Software Asset Management

Throughout the last few weeks we have seen a drastic increase in the number of customers with employees working from home, eager to maintain a business as usual structure. As a result, organizations may have had to speed up their digital transformation plans and implement a cloud strategy earlier than expected. With such a scramble to get the correct software, they risk exposing their licensing position and could therefore find themselves either paying for unneeded licenses, or coming up short against their installed data.

Utilizing the Agile approach, organizations can swap out a monthly sprint to prioritize the sudden need for remote working. They can simultaneously work with License Dashboard’s SAM Consultants to understand licensing structures and work out which vendor and product is most suitable for their needs and budget.

There could be occasions where organizations have had to implement a bring your own device (BYOD) policy to keep self-isolated employees safe. This unlocks a whole host of licensing complications with SAM teams needing to understand exactly what is being used and on what device. As this pandemic arrived so quickly, there was little time to implement a brand new mobility policy, but with SAM Agile, License Dashboard can assist in getting that up and running and communicated to all staff members as soon as possible.

SAM Agile isn’t only for the SAM team, though. Going beyond Software Asset Management, work to be included in an upcoming sprint can be requested from any IT department so they get the information they need. That could mean gauging when devices were last connected to the VPN to ensure the asset is protected and that all software is up to date, or perhaps finance needs to understand which areas of technology require immediate budget attention.

SAM Agile revolutionizes the way a SAM service is traditionally consumed. Rather than having an annual cost and a vague overall value for the return on investment, SAM Agile is flexible and only charges a customer for the activities included in a sprint on a monthly basis on top of the foundational core service.

At this current time, it is vital that organizations can move services and prioritize the actions which will provide the most benefit with immediate effect. On review, a planned project may need to be put on hold, and a backlogged action may not seem as important, in which case, a critical service can take priority.

For more information on SAM Agile, speak to License Dashboard today.

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