Join License Dashboard at ScaleUp 360°SAMS Europe, a digital event

On Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 June 2020, SAMS Europe will host its ScaleUp 360° event digitally, and License Dashboard is pleased to be a primary partner. Software Asset Managers, License Managers, IT Vendor Managers, IT Contract Managers, and IT Procurement practitioners and invited to attend an impressive line up of industry experts who will discuss SAM best practices and share relevant case studies.

What to expect at ScaleUp 360° SAMS Europe

With a focus on real word end-user case studies, ScaleUp 360° Software Asset Management Strategies will deliver, via its speakers, insight into the SAM concepts and strategies being actioned in the industry right now. Attendees will virtually explore the latest research, current solutions, best-in-class projects, and developments in relevant IT projects through innovative, interactive online sessions.

SAM in the context of public cloud services and subscription models license

Compliance with regard to free and open source software

Impact of containerization on SAM

License mobility and the use of on premise licenses on different IaaS

Software audit defense strategies and aligning and optimizing processes for SAM.

Panel Session: Software Asset Management at the time of COVID-19 pandemic

During these uncertain times, SAM is facing remarkable challenges, forcing the industry into sizable action. COVID-19 has rocked the entire world, with many, many workers facing disruption through displacement or having to work from home. Sean Robinson, our Director at License Dashboard, joins a panel of other SAM & IT Procurement experts to discuss the immediate SAM related requirements from day one of lockdown, how the world was compelled to respond, and how License Dashboard was able to rapidly adapt to brand new work from home policies. Attendees of the panel will understand how the SAM Manager’s role has changed as a result of these policies, and whether this could result in SAM emerging in a stronger or more visible position within an organization as the world looks to return to some sort of normality. Will this spark long lasting change in the audit behavior of large software publishers?

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Case Study: Achieving Greater Value with Agile Software Asset Management

Sean’s second session, on Day Two of ScaleUp 360° SAMS Europe, sees him present a modern Agile framework designed to enable IT Asset Management leaders in evolving their SAM programs. He explores the idea that applying Agile practices to a SAM program will result in cost savings and risk mitigation, but will also help achieve buy-in from multiple digital stakeholders from across an organization. Attendees of this session will understand the value of a SAM Program that is flexible enough to evolve with a business. Being able to measure the value of each SAM task, allowing stakeholders outside of SAM to be involved, and having the ability to react and prioritize SAM activity according to changing business demands means organizations are in a better position to deal with unexpected change, and unpredictable times.

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Tuesday 17 & Wednesday 18 June 2020

Virtual Event

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