Achieving Lean I.T. by implementing an effective SAM programme

Lean IT is all about maximising IT resources while minimising waste. A lean organisation is able to maintain and deliver high levels of service without losing control of its financial and legal responsibilities. With IT budgets being slashed, there has never been a better time for organisations to take control and manage their IT resources effectively by implementing an effective software asset management programme.


First things first, it is important for any Software Asset Management programme to identify which assets are spiralling out of control or which assets attribute the most on-going support costs. From our experience, this evaluation usually leads to one conclusion – software.

With software taking up an ever increasing share of an organisation’s IT budget, it has become even more important to manage, control and protect your software assets. Having a greater understanding of your licence position and being able to track what software you have deployed can definitely help you avoid unnecessary expenditure, and is essential for effective software asset management.

Implementing an effective Software Asset Management (SAM) programme can, therefore, reduce costs without necessarily reducing the number of desktop devices and servers required – thereby minimising the impact on value services.


The basis of any good SAM programme is to keep accurate and up-to-date software licence information, together with processes for controlling and maintaining its accuracy. Having a comprehensive software licence management tool to store this information is essential for software asset management. Not only does this allow you to archive effectively but it also allows you to publish this information when required and clearly balance the equation between what you have installed and what you are allowed to install.

With Licence Dashboard™, used in conjunction with such as the Microsoft SAM Programme, you can effectively and automatically control the entire lifecycle of your software assets from purchase, to upgrade and beyond. With its easy-to-use interface, users such as SAM Managers, Licence Administrators, IT Managers and all other authorised members of staff can gain access to software inventory, licence inventory and purchasing information at anytime.

Using this SAM information you can ensure that all purchases of software are correctly specified and procured using the most cost-effective agreements, while ensuring that all licence evidence is correctly recorded and loss of entitlement is significantly reduced.

By continuing to aggregate your organisation’s installation rights, more informed purchasing decisions can be made – thus reducing the risks of overspend. Gartner informs us that organisations which do not utilise this information during the purchasing stage overbuy software licences for 60% of their portfolio.


Licence Dashboard’s comprehensive functionality takes the complexity out of licensing and really allows an organisation to manage fully the software asset management lifecycle – thereby reducing operational risk and excessive spend.

So, with cost reduction order of the day, there has never been a better time to embark on that SAM programme you have been putting off for years and start realising the true benefits associated with effective management of your software assets.

As experienced by all the organisations we have been engaged with, you too could save hundreds of thousands of pounds on software asset management without necessarily having to reduce your physical assets or workforce. In addition, the indirect savings – such as improved strategic infrastructure planning and reduced support costs – could also be significant and financially beneficial to all areas of your organisation.

Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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