“Inappropriate, irrelevant and out-of-date Software Asset Management metrics don’t support business outcomes” says License Dashboard.

In July 2016, Gartner published research* detailing the challenges behind measuring and reporting SAM to relevant departments in order to better communicate the effectiveness of a mature SAM program.

Johnny Ellis, Group Director of License Dashboard, a world leading ITAM platform, commented “The need for business-orientated SAM metrics grows as an organization’s SAM maturity level does. Saving up to 30% on software spend when introducing a SAM program is a fantastic start, but in order to truly take advantage of the ongoing business value of SAM, it must have the support of key stakeholders.”

The Gartner report authored by analysts Victoria Barber, Stewart Buchanan and Hank Marquis, advises that IT leaders must:

  • Review their SAM metrics to identify not just those that measure the management of the SAM function, but also those that impact business objectives and outcomes.
  • Segment their reporting audience, and identify which stakeholder business goals SAM can impact in order to prevent confusion between operational and business-relevant SAM metrics.
  • Base SAM key performance indicators on key cost, risk and value indicators, and tailor SAM reports and KPIs for each stakeholder constituency, extending or developing metrics where required.

Commenting on this issue, Ellis continued, “Inappropriate, irrelevant and out-of-date SAM metrics don’t support business outcomes, and rather hinder progress. In order to communicate the value of SAM, IT departments must share relevant metrics with non-SAM stakeholders, but without inundating them with too much data. We know that filtering out the metrics that matter is a very time consuming process, but License Dashboard Portal makes customized reporting quick and easy.”

With web based access to dynamic reports built on data available via License Manager, non-SAM stakeholders can login to License Dashboard Portal, setup a custom persona, and access relevant data on demand. From tracking and controlling ITAM entitlements to optimizing the sales cycle, flexible dashboards display only what matters ensuring resources are assigned to activities that are most needed.

Ellis concluded, “We’ve always believed in the need to shift from an asset focus initially to a service focus to fully demonstrate the impact on a business – we feel this Gartner research makes that case.”

*About the Research: Gartner’s research ‘Select Business-Relevant Software Asset Management Metrics to Demonstrate the Business Value of SAM’ surveyed 249 organizations. Full access to the research is available via License Dashboard’s newsletter, “Driving your SAM program using the metrics that matter”.


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About License Dashboard: License Dashboard offers a blend of home-grown Software Asset Management technologies and Software License Management expertise to deliver a powerful license management platform. Originally designed to run in-house, the License Dashboard platform has since evolved to run as either a fully managed service or an on-premise solution to give organizations a full-view of their effective license position (ELP).

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